Novo Player - Linux

Novo Player - Linux
Novo Player - Linux
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17 March 2023
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Novo Player is a multi-platform front-end for the emulator openMSX, and also WebMSX (offline mode).


* Create multiple listings of all MSX software supported by openMSX.
* Scan the hard disk to automatically fill listings with ROMs, disks, tapes, hard disks and laserdiscs, and sync the listing to your hard disk any time later.
* Display two screenshots, details and game music for each selected game.
* Search for exact or partial name or SHA1 code.
* Connect to openMSX to reset or switch disks and tapes of running games.
* Sort games in the table by name, company or year.
* Undo game deletes and updates.
* Display the text in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian or Japanese.
* View current file totals, launched games and launch history in the dashboard.
* Drag and drop files and folders on main screen to scan.
* Manage listings by renaming, deleting or merging them.
* View related games to a selected game based on game name, genre and company.

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