The Emulation Realm

Releases for Windows operating systems.


What's New:


PSMame Plus

PSMame Plus is a derivative of MAME that supports hacked arcade games.

SDLMAME (32bit)  SDLMAME (64bit)

What's New:

- Updated to MAME v0.184

Cemu Hook

Cemu Hook is a h264 module for Cemu that supports H264 decoding.

MAME Datafile


MAME Datafile



MESS Datafile



MAME Datafile



What's New:

Updated to latest MAME source.

MESSUI (32bit)  MESSUI (64bit)

What's New:

Aligned with latest MAME.


MapleSeed helps you backup Wii U updates, DLC, and titles directly to your PC, as well as launch Cemu with titles.