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Releases for Windows operating systems.

Common Source Code Project

What's New:

[RESOURCE] improve menu items
[WINMAIN] improve menu items

BizHawk - Windows

What's New:

- Major sound emulation improvements
- General emulation improvements
- Add Power/Reset buttons
- Fix aspect ratio
- Timing and audio emulation improvements
- Fix Micro Machines
- Fix Huge Insect
- Fix Ms. Pac Man (Tengen)
- Turbo controller support
- Use mupen64plus built-in debugger to avoid major slowdowns when breakpoints are set
- Fix audio in AVI recording
- Add options for "Always double size"
- hex editor: add import binary tool (quick and dirty way to effect .sav importing in many cases)
- add a toggle all cheats hotkey
- Cheats - Set default compare type to "equal" not NOTHING, fixes NES game genie codes generated through the cheat converter
- fix Tools -> External Tools menu item throwing an exception
- TAStudio
  * Add branch undo feature
  * Add jump to branch frame
  * Fix autohold not being latched when recording frames
  * Fix #534 (Disabling autohold is halfworking)
  * Dynamically resize usertext column
  * Make branch screenshot popup fade in and out
  * Allow exporting a named state
  * Branch text edit popup follows mouse pointer
  * When reopening tastudio and restoring its position, tolerate slight offscreen by resetting to 0 instead of ignoring the saved pos
  * Fix input being erased when frames are added
  * Fix rewinding that was turning rec mode off
- Lua
  * tastudio.getrecording()
  * tastudio.setrecording()
  * tastudio.togglerecording()

Emulator BK-0010-01, BC-0011 and BC-0011M (32bit)  Emulator BK-0010-01, BC-0011 and BC-0011M (64bit)

What's New:

Google Translate:

- Refined image of the virtual keyboard.
- After the final transition to Windows10 turned out that the main emulator cycle timer is running clumsily, and was replaced by the old cycle with counters, which eats more CPU time, but it works correctly.
- Serious reorganization projects and some refactoring.
- Partial rejection of compatibility with Windows XP, and therefore make a normal D3D renderer on Dx11. For WinXP will now be a separate special assembly.


MedLaunch is a .NET (Windows only) front-end for the excellent Mednafen multi-system emulator.

Sharp 80

This is a full-featured emulator of a TRS-80 Model III microcomputer.


What's New:

- For low-end PC (PC not so fast), the function which can automatically optimize the setting was added.
  * Even with Intel Atom(Z8350 for Tablet PC, Stick PC) CPU, Ootake operates pretty comfortably at window size up to x2 (full screen 800x600).
    Here is the optimization method.
    Push "Setting" button on the start screen (bottom left on the screen) ->
    Push "Set CD-DA Play Timing" button (top button) -> OK button ->
    Push "High Quality PSG (Defalt)" button (top button).
    Optimization is completed in 60 seconds if your PC has enough speed.
    In the case of a low-end PC, the fact that power is insufficient is
    displayed and the setting is automatically lowered. Then, press the OK
    button and wait 60 seconds again to complete the optimization.
- When Intel built-in graphics is used, it starts with the setting which is lighter(Light PSG. fast) than the default setting.
- Add "Message Time 100% - 20%" to the setting menu(above the game screen). It is possible to adjust the display time of system messages.
- Supports V-Sync at refresh rate "120 Hz" display output.
  * For 120Hz compatible display for gamers.
- Add "Full Screen 120Hz" to the Screen menu. When this is selected, it can be displayed at 120Hz with full-screen mode.
  * With the Window mode, if the desktop display is 120Hz, V-Sync will be performed automatically at 120Hz even if this is not selected.
- The operation of the PCE built-in sound (wave memory sound) has been brought close to the real machine. In "Cyber Night" and "Fire Pro-Wrestling" series, the problem of sound has been resolved.
- Improved Joypad initialization function. If the controller is not functioning correctly, please initialize the pad settings once by clicking
"Input -> Initialize Pad # 1 - # 5 (fourth from bottom)" menu.
- Fixed a bug that shortcut keys such as Screenshot did not work when reproducing the game play with "Capture -> Play Record (F6 key)" menu.

Universal Emulator

What's New:



What's New:

- updated to MAME 0.184.
- Include ann the database updates since 1.83a.

Common Source Code Project

What's New:

[COMMON] add functions to convert char, wchar_t, and _TCHAR to each other
[COMMON] add _fgetts, _ftprintf, my_ftprintf_s, and my_swprintf_s
[COMMON/FILEIO] add Fgetts and Ftprintf for _TCHAR
[COMMON/FILEIO] fix functions using ZLIB for _UNICODE case
[EMU/DEBUGGER] fix for _UNICODE case
[WINMAIN] improve to update status only when status is changed
[VM/HUC6280] improve disassembler to support symbols (thanks Mr.Kei Moroboshi)
[VM/I8080] improve disassembler to support symbols
[VM/M6502] support debugger and disassembler (thanks MAME)
[VM/MCS48] improve disassembler to support symbols
[VM/TMS9995] fix disassembler for _UNICODE case
[VM/UPD7810] improve disassembler to support symbols
[VM/UPD7810] fix disassembler for _UNICODE case

- a22i: prevents unsupported [dest-1] for .pack_lz77 (fixes no$firmware loading) - help: added caution on unsupported [dest-1] for LZ77UnCompVram bios function - sav: support for 1024kbyte and 8192kbyte nds flash save memory (both untested) - sav: dynamically allocates save memory as needed (between 128k and 8192kbyte) - bugfix: hwreset preserves gba/sav media creation date (got destroyed in v2.7a) - nds/help: added more nds cartridge rom IDs and nds flash IDs (thanks jimmsu) - poc/clone: fixed bug in pocketstation bios-clone (added INT_BASE to show_date) - poc/loader: accepts checksum for newly discovered "J110" BIOS version - poc/emu: applies 4x4 pre-zoom (less tiny window, avoid StretchDIBits failure) - poc/help: added notes on BIOS versions (in no$psx help, see there) - poc/help: added POC-XBOO circuit and sample code for xboo TTY debug messages - poc/xboo: tty debug window (ascii characters transferred via FUNC3 feature) - poc/xboo: verify-before-write and skip-if-same (higher lifetime/faster upload) - poc/xboo: pocketstation upload/download memcard and download bios functions - nds/help: added basic notes on special ds carts (infrared, nand, microsd slot) - sound: optional 16bit output (instead of 8bit) (maybe fixes 'noise' problems) - gui/setup: uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet