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Wayder's Cheats - MAME

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Universal Emulator

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SPC/AT Emulator

What's New:

New features
- X86-64 CPU emulation was implemented using multi platform dynarec/JIT, so finally has released officially:
  * models up to P4/K8 (single core) were implemented in 2009-2011 timeframe, but were never released officially before due to multimedia instructions dependency on host x86 CPU at time (were not portable);
  * more modern CPU models (up to Sandy Bridge/Bulldozer m-a) were added in 2015 for further development;
  * instruction set extensions up to SSE 4.2 are implemented currently, AVX is in progress;
  * virtualization extensions emulation (VMX and SVM) are in progress (partially implemented);
  * some stuff (like APIC/IOAPIC, MultiProcessing, etc.) are present only in the development version currently, because are not enough stable (bug-free) in all "guest OS" cases for releases yet.
- PC/AT keyboard controller emulation was rewritten completely (as two-chip solution);
- VGA/SVGA emulation was rewritten completely (to be more exact and extensible to PCIe models);
- PCI bus/devices emulation was rewritten completely (to support progressing PCIe chipset emulation);
- all other stuff was refactored and modernized, comparing to "legacy" core-2008 (and updated from C++98 to C++11 standard). So now it is become "modern" core-2015 (final emu-core design).

- got rid 386-486 CPU models from release versions permanently (preserved only in development versions - for the testing purposes);
- same for legacy stuff like old chipsets, vga/svga cards, etc (2D/3D-accelerators, started at the end of 2014, are available only in development versions temporary and planned to be re-released at some point. All other stuff are removed permanently from the releases).
- got rid so called "newsbook" (2007) from the site permanently. Most of project development is taking place in the very tech-oriented areas now, about which quite hard to talk using anything except tech.doc-alike language. So no much reason to (modern:)talking about this stuff here, instead of thematic resources.




MedGUI Reborn

What's New:

- Now "right double click mouse button" on a game on list, open a menu to select the operation to perform (to open Advanced emu options, select the voice from this menu)
- Added a function to create a desktop shortcut of selected game.
  If a boxart exist, MedguiR take the respective image, convert it in icon format and assign it to the shortcut
- Changed the position of form at rom list refresh (it will not be centered at the desktop screen)

MAME32 More! Dat


a windows

What's New:

- Updated to Latest MAME source.

MAME32 More!

What's New:

Updated to Latest MAME source.


What's New:

Updated to latest MAME Source.




What's New:

Google Translate:

[Update] List of arcade roms with MAME 0.184 (mame -listfull)
[MAJ] From the list of devices and bios MAME 0.184
[SHIFT] From the list of exceptions
[ADD] Function of moving by letter of the alphabet of the menu.
[ADD] locale .fr and .en several translations.
[MODIFICATION] Big improvement of the translation mechanics.
[MODIFICATION] Optimization of the size of the software after compilation by integrating only the necessary modules.
[MODIFICATION] Joysticks detection and configuration function greatly improved.
[MODIFICATION] Improved startup interface of the software (loading roms) Placement of different parts of the display more accurate.
[MODIFICATION] Method of moving the menu completely re-encoded. Moving more "smooth"
                             Class Menu () -> def move_rectangle ()
[MODIFICATION] Optimization of the function "loading_roms_int (str, pygame.rect)", the code passes from 300 lines to 78 lines with a high speed gain.
[CORRECTION] Sequence of closing to software loading possible. Addition of a function to close the software by the "ESC" key to the loading sequence of the various modules.
[CORRECTION] Bugs about changing the increment of the "play" field (number of times played).
                          Class Datatbase () -> def modification_info ()
[CORRECTION] Bugs about updating the date of the "d_lancement" field "last time played".
                          Class Datatbase () -> def modification_info ()