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Releases for Windows operating systems.

FB Alpha (32bit)  FB Alpha (64bit)

What's New:

Fixes and new features
- Added Favorites feature: mark games as favorite from the Game Info window, or right-click in the list. Toggle favorites mode in the "Filters" section [dink]
- Added right-click context menu (Play game, View in Progetto Emma, Game Info and Mark as Favorite) [Barry]
- Added a gear-shifter display for Chequered Flag, Contental Circus, Super Chase, Chase HQ, SCI, Double Axle, Racing Beat, Top Speed, KonamiGT / RF2, OutRun / Turbo Outrun and Power Drift. Can be enabled/disabled in Misc -> Options. [dink]
- Hooked up newly dumped sound-MCU's in Fire Shark, Vimana and Teki Paki, giving these games sound! Thank you CapsOff!! [dink]
- Added bSkipStartupCheck - hidden .ini option for developers or those who never scan their romsets [dink]
- Fixed odd-word/long reads and writes in the m68000 cpu interface which in turn fixes the nasty 68x020 bug that has been plaguing us for ages. This fixes freeze-ups in Asura Buster and other 68ec020-based games. [iq_132/dink]
- Fixed in Asura Buster / Blade: Sprite & tile glitches, music synchronization [dink]
- Fixed several issues which caused FBAlpha to crash when loading romsets with missing roms [dink]
- Fixed Tail 2 Nose missing backgrounds [dink]
- Added TMS32010 cpu core for the Flying Shark/Twin Cobra/Wardner drivers [dink]

Common Source Code Project

What's New:

[VM/IO] revert the fix in 4/15/2017
[VM/SN76489AN] revert the fix in 4/15/2017

[COMMON] add muldiv_s32 and muldiv_u32 to multiple 32bit integer
[COMMON] fix functions to support symbols
[VM/IO] improve to use read/write_io8/16/32w() to get wait clock from device
[VM/SN76489AN] improve to return 32 + 16 * n for wait clock

Cemu Hook

What's New:

Only push out one frame at a time in normal callback, affinity is on by default on non-module CPUs, remove robust context

Cemu GUI

What's New:

- Scan and automatically add Binary from the Games folder (go to the GBAtemp thread for help)
- Adding the update message to the GUI
- Adding the About GUI
- Deleting PNG texts
- Deleting Add Games.exe (No more needed)
- Added support for wud files

Cemu Graphic Packs

What's New



What's New:

[Bug #392] Fixes for a2audit.dsk
- Resulting in regressions in LC support for Gemstone Warriors (#395), Quark Catalyst V3 and BeagleWrite (#400).
[Bug #389] Disk's write-protect detection mis-reporting when motor off
[Bug #387] Support for 40-track .nib files
[Bug #386] SSC:
- Experimental support for 6551's DTR, DCD and DSR bits via -modem switch
ie. -modem is shorthand for passing -dtr -dcd -dsr
- Experimental support for 6551's control bit: DTR via -dtr switch
- Experimental support for 6551's status bits: DCD and DSR via -dcd and -dsr switches
[Bug #383] "Enhanced disk speed" is very slow when debugger is active
[Bug #217] Debugger G(o) command should use normal speed
Debugger: Added new gg command


What's New:

- Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.


DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating a Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible.


What's New:

- a2600, atm, mpf1, mpz80: Removed direct update handlers: a2600, atm (still not working, but less badly), mpf1 (makes step work), mpz80, pentagon, sage2, scorpion, tms32031 [O. Galibert].
- ay8910: Added a write handler for the case of bc1=a0 and bc2=a1 [Dirk Best]. Added support for clock frequency changes [Tim Lindner].
- cforteb: Machine promoted to working [hap].
- clcd: Halved size of character rom region and fixed switching between upper and lower case character sets [smf].
- coco: Implemented support for enabling and disabling cartridge-specific sound, made third and fourth floppy drives present by default [Nathan Woods].
- coco3: Fixed an issue clearing GIME interrupts (disabling interrupts by writing to $FF92/3 also acknowledges interrupt) [Nathan Woods, tim lindner, Glen Hewlett].
- cs4031: Save state fixes for i386/pc_vga/cs4031: Save cs4031 emulated A20 state, additional i386 attribute registers/flags, and VGA palette configuration. Fixed broken VGA port reads on state load. Fixed enum range check in i386 [moralrecordings].
- electron: Added First Byte joystick interface [Nigel Barnes].
- fcisio1: Added layout and and RS232 configured for terminals on all 8 serial ports [Joakim Larsson Edstrom].
- h19: Machine promoted to working. Fixed keyboard, fixed handling of enable/disable of 25th line, use internal MM5740 ROM, fixed H-19 with Watzman ROM, fixed Super19 [Mark Garlanger].