The Emulation Realm

Releases for Windows operating systems.



What's New:

Stability and compatibility fixes.
New run full screen window option which allows running under remote desktop. PinballX will automaticall try this mode if it cant initialize the display.

Yanese (32bit)  Yanese (64bit)

What's New:

- Fixed serious bug with SDL not playing sound and keeping yanese.exe process opened. 0.14 Download Link removed from page.
- Optimized code

- Sound: Yanese now uses SDL 1.2.15. I said i didn't want to add third pary .dll, but it really solves the problem of sound glitches. The .dll file is included in the zip.
- Mappers:. Fixed MMC1, UNROM, BxROM and MMC3 bugs.
- MMC3: Now MMC3 is implmented according A12 state. It's still not perfect, but most games are playable. Thanks to Zepper for the code to pass "REV B" test.
- APU: Fixed APU bugs.
- IRQ: IRQs now behaves like a real 6502.
- Save State Format Changed: Changed.again, sorry.
- Fixed other bugs.



What's New:

- Preliminary emulation of MIKI 2650 trainer.
- Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.



What's New:

- New Feature: Games now support multiple genres, with support searches, imports, arranging, and filtering
- New Feature: Gamepad/joystick input for basic navigation; tested primarily with an Xbox 360 controller, but should work with any game controller (please report if it does not)
- New Feature: New Source field on games to specify where a game came from (such as, Steam, physical media, etc.); can also arrange and filter by it
- New Feature: New Favorite field on games so you can easily keep track of the games you're playing (arrange by Favorite)

WinDS Pro

What's New:

- DeSmuME JIT 4817 x64
- DeSmuME JIT 4817 x86
- VBA-M r1226
- WinDS PRO Ocean Skin
- WinDS PRO Apps 1.6.3


What's New:



What's New:

- 65C816: Optimized mode switches.
- Audio: Added drive sound volume level option.
- Cartridge: Added support for .CAR types 53-59 (2K, 4K, right-as-left 8K, right slot 4K, 128-512K SIC!).
- CPU: Preliminary support for accelerated 65C816 operation.
- Debugger: Added .dmabuf command.
- Debugger: Added %e, %f, and %g formats to .printf command.
- Debugger: Verifier can now detect 64K address space index wrapping and abnormal DMA conditions.
- Debugger: Added fbx (fill bytes with expression) command.
- Debugger: r (register) command now allows access to 65C816 registers.
- Disk: Added "Extract Boot Sectors" command to disk dialog for use with bootable virtual disks.
- LLE: Added PBI device interrupt support.
- MMU: High (65C816) memory can now be adjusted from 0KB-4032KB.
- Profiler: Added 65C816 support.
- Recorder: Added .WAV file audio recording.
- Recorder: Added option for encoding duplicate frames as full frames.
- UI: Added on-screen indicators for console buttons held on startup.
- UI: Added on-screen indication for some view mode changes.
- UI: Added support for per-monitor DPI scaling in Windows 8.1.
- UI: Added custom debug font dialog for half point sizes.
- UI: File > Exit now confirms if there are modified images.
- XEP80: Initial support.


Dice (32bit)  Dice (64bit)  Dice (Source)


Wha't New:

- Added FOUR new games!
  * Atari Crash 'N Score
  * Atari Jet Fighter
  * Atari Quadrapong
  * Shark JAWS (by "Horror Games" aka Atari)
- New discrete sound engine! Adds sound to Space Race, and improves sound in Gotcha and Breakout
- Support for "Absolute" joystick mode which allows for the use of paddle controllers
- Added control descriptions to the New Game menu
- Improved performance in most games
- Numerous bug fixes