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Releases for Windows operating systems.


What's New:

- Added – Basin Update Check (disabled by default, enable in Options) – basin can now notify updates.
- Added – BasinC Snippets
- Changed – SimpleCon behaviour. Not port 1515 commands sets the byte *then* increment the index. Port 1259,0 feeds the line to the log instead of 255. See examples folder.

NoxPlayer (32bit)

What's New:

What's Optimized
- Optimized some features in NoxPlayer.
- Optimized UI & UX design of [Nox Asst].

What's Fixed
- Fixed the crashing issue of [Garena Undawn]
- Fixed the crashing issue of [FFVII The First Soldier]
- Fixed the crashing issue of [Diablo Immortal]


What's New


What's New:

- Added tip of the day.
- Debugger: added SAVEPGM and SAVETVC commands.
- Enhanced tape deck (AmiArcadia).
- Miscellaneous improvements.

Virtual Vector

What's New:

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- Fixed declocking in the DJNZ (Z80) command and in the debugger (if Z80 was selected, it was impossible to change the value of the PC register).


What's New:

NES: Four-screen mirroring fixes for Holy Diver MMC1 version
NES: Sprite DMA fix for Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball
NES: PPU rewrite
NES: PPU timing changes to fix random crashes in Battletoads level 2
NES: vblank/NMI timing changes to fix glitches in Kick Master, Wolverine, and others
NES: Emulate pixel ouput pipeline (demo_ntsc.nes)
NES: Remove fast emulation mode
NES: MMC5 IRQ handling improvements
NES: Allow writes to MMC5 PRG-ROM area (fixes Bandit Kings of Ancient China)
NES: Disallow palette writes while rendering (fixes flashes during Solstice intro)
SMS: R register fix for Reggie Jackson Baseball (pitcher never pitches)
SMS: R register fix for Impossible Mission (same map used every game)
SMS: Adjust VDP IRQ timing (fixes Black Belt screen split glitches)
GB: LYC changes to fix glitch in Link Awakening's title screen
GB: Various PPU fixes (now passes dmg-acid2 test)


What's New:

Bug fixes
- The Jupiter Ace beeper port now partially decoded.
- The Jupiter Ace ROM can now be overwritten if the 'Protect ROM from Writes' option is not selected.
- Beeper sound setting now restored from the .ini file.
- Now insensitive to the case of the ROM file name.

- Retired support for the homebrew Spectrum SE.

- Clock accurate emulation of the display mechanism of the ZX81 family of models.
- Accurate emulation of the display mechanism of the ZX80.
- Annotation facility of display elements for ZX80 and ZX81 family of models.
- Displays the number of scanlines in the status bar.
- Beeper sound for ZX81 models now optionally includes rendering of HSync pulses.
- Support for Wilf Rigter's Improved Wait circuit.
- The main window now always gains focus at start up.
- More robust joystick movement detection.


What's New:

- Fixed undocumented 6502 opcodes 2B (ANC imm) and CB (ASX imm).
- Fixed memory reads in undocumented 6502 opcodes.
- Hard disk support improvements:
  * Added new Select Hard Drive Folder menu option. This fixes an issue with the "Options -> Preferences -> Save Disc/Tape/State Folders" menu option which caused BeebEm to remember the last folder used to open disk or tape images. This would also set the folder where BeebEm looks for hard disk images, causing it to create empty
    --.dat files in the last folder used. This change also adds a new HardDrivePath preferences option, separate to DiscsPath. An error is now reported if opening a hard disk image file fails.
- Improved the emulation of the teletext adapter to implement the full range of possible states (field sync, data entry window, and video field). The TFS ROM now acquires pages correctly.
- Fixed key selection in the User Port Breakout Box dialog.
- Fixed 1770 disk emulation to enable automatic disk density selection in Opus DDOS.
- Fixed the Sprow ARM7TDMI co-processor emulation to ensure fetches are word aligned.
- Removed documentation for the Emulator Traps menu option, which has not been implemented yet.

WinDS Pro

What's New:

New Version of WinDS PRO 22.06.02 with updates to bizkhawk, dolphin, ares, desmume, flycast, project64, mGBA, pcsx2, pcsx-redux, xenia, ppsspp, rpcs3, yuzu.



What's New:

- 7474: Fixed use of uninitialised members [Vas Crabb].
- a2600.cpp: Removed “Atari VCS Point-of-Purchase ROM” as it’s treated as a separate system. Fixed publisher name and parent/clone relationships for Mystique games in 'a2600.xml' [einstein95].
- apple2.cpp, apple2e.cpp: Fix uninitialized class members causing joystick weirdness [R. Belmont].
- apple3: Resync on clock change to keep the correct phase relationship with the diskiii [Olivier Galibert].
- apxen: BugFIX#08304 [Crash/Freeze] (apxen.cpp) apxen: [debug] Assertion failed [Robbbert].

a windows

What's New: