Emu Loader

What's New:

- Categories from catver.ini are no longer loaded for DICE games so you can filter PinMAME without removing DICE games from the list
- Controls parsing function was confusing and inaccurate (-listxml). Parse function is now perfect!
- Number of players was set to blank if info not found in "nplayers.ini", when this file is available
- In-game snapshot folder setting was being saved in EmuLoader.ini for MAME and HBMAME. Not required as they are read directly from emulators config files

- Main menu and view mode buttons have dynamic item height to avoid waste of space. Also, icons were removed to clear the interface a little bit
- Check menu and radio menu icons were finally moved to position 0 and 1 in ImageList components. All ImageLists updated
- Even more interface tweaks (clean sweep mode ON)
- File "leftpanel_btn_help.ico" renamed to "help.ico" (resources\main_icons\)
- Settings for images folders and emulators selections moved from EmuLoader.ini to a new "\ini_files\folders_emulators.ini" file. You can now do a clean install without the need to set up images folders or emulators executables all over again :)
- Moved and renamed file from "\ini_files\biosset.ini" to "\arcade\mame_biossets.ini" and file from "\ini_files\biosset_hbmame.ini" to "\arcade\hbmame_biossets.ini"
- Favorites profile editor updated. Removed "Active Profile" text and added an icon to the active profile in the list. Hotkeys text updated

- The following files are no longer used: "resize_window.ico", "option_radiogroup_off.ico", "leftpanel_btn_addgame.ico", "leftpanel_btn_deletegame.ico", "leftpanel_btn_add.ico", "leftpanel_btn_delete.ico"; "scanresult_game.ico", "copy.ico" (resources\main_icons\)
- The following entries are no longer added for Daphne games since game names are completely different from MAME: controls, category, number of players

- Updated "DICE_XML.dat" file with an "Attack" alternate set, titled "Attack (set 2)" and named "attack2". I failed to see there was tho valid sets in "attack.cpp"
- Note: Emu Loader rename its gamename to "attack" before loading in DICE emulator
- New game tag: buttons count (controls info). Game details now show buttons count in controls list. You must create games list for all systems... again
- All image categories have a default folder now. Folders are relative to the emulators selected. This is useful on a clean install and for new users
- NOTE: in-game snapshots for MAME/HBMAME/UME are already set in mame.ini; hbmame.ini; ume.ini!
  * Title snapshot: titles
  * In-game snapshot: snap
  * Marquee: marquees
  * Flyer: flyers
  * Cabinet: cabinets
  * Control Panel: cpanel
  * Control Panel Layout: cplayout
  * PCB: pcb
  * In-game Artwork: snapartwork
- Added new options for "File" / "Export Games List" compatible with "MAME Content Manager Plus" util (game name only). Only MAME and HBMAME are supported
- http://mcm.mameworld.info