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What's New:

Changing emulator version manually was not updating the memory var, info was never updated after closing emulator setup screen
Played and total playtime info texts were not updated in games list after quitting game (just an item repaint issue, info was updated in files)
Fixed double text "Astron Belt" in game titles (Daphne emulator)
Sets sorting in scan results feature is fixed. Device sets are shown first, then bios sets and finally game sets
Scan for HBMAME device sets was wrongly searching in MAME's ROMs folder instead of HBMAME (scan games feature)
Added the ENM_LINK message directly in Delphi's TCustomRichEdit component (ComCtrls.pas) to fix the "OnResizeRequest" event trigger in RichEditURL component
ZiNc bios sets had the game index set to zero. ZiNc cannot run bios sets. Value is now set to -1 as it should have been

Added a AlterMAME version edit box for manual editing (emulator setup screen)
MAME/HBMAME game titles with "game desc, the" will no longer be fixed to "the game desc" when creating games lists, except for games tagged "IsMechanic"
View game docs feature (games popup menu) is limited to MAME and HBMAME now. No point in supporting other systems
Update "ini_files\control_type.ini" to include "joy1way", fixing control filters and missing controls list info in game details screen
Clones indentation width increased for better viewing (grouped view mode)
Code optimization: many variables were defined with Integer type when they could be Byte or ShortInt type (I hope I didn't break anything...)
Moved setting "Disable Clone Indent" to a new "Details/Grouped" sub-menu (view mode tool bar button)
Moved several entries from el-todo.txt to a new el-project.txt file
Some messages (error, info, warning) were updated with simplified texts
Message boxes (error, info, warning, etc) can have formatted fonts now
Several interface tweaks

Hidden feature to run custom batch files is no more ("el_dir\ini_files\cmdline\")... gone, finito, no mas, kaput, removed from source code
entry "isdevice" removed from mame/hbmame .miss file (no longer needed)
More source code cleanup
A few icons are no longer used (resources\main_icons\ folder): disable_clone_indent.ico; display.ico; input.ico; multimedia.ico; sound.ico; video.ico; font_parent.ico; font_clone.ico; font_imperfect.ico; font_preliminary.ico; font_missroms.ico
The reminder button in game docs panel is gone... redundant since you can access the popup menu by mouse right-click in the docs panel

Support to use batch files as emulator executables in emulator setup screen, like in EmuCon
If you want to run games thru batch files (.bat; .cmd), now you can. And there's a bonus... due to the way I implemented the CreateProcess API call, EL is capable of returning execution exit codes even from batch files! :)
Note: emulator version detection will fail and you must enter the info manually
New misc filter (requested): "Hide Games With CHD Files", so you can hide all games that use CHDs. It's an inverted filter from the main filter "CHD", where only games with CHDs are visible
Extended driver status with new info and new columns: emulation status, color status, sound status, graphic status
- only MAME and HBMAME are supported, all other systems show blank, nada, emptiness
- must re-create games list for MAME and HBMAME, if you want to see the new info
- info also shown in game details screen
- you'll have to reset and customize columns settings again... sorry
- status icons directly in the games list, enabled by default (details/grouped view modes only)
green icon for "good"; yellow icon for "imperfect"; red icon for "preliminary"
- four new settings for this feature (view mode tool bar button, "Extra Settings" sub-menu)
  - Disable Status Icons: Bothered by the colored icons in the list ? Use this option to hide them
  - Status First Letter Only: Want to lower the width of all driver status columns but still have a readable status text ?
  - Hide Status Texts: Wanna view status icons only ? No problem...
  - Short Driver Column Titles: Use it with "hide status texts". Titles are reduced to 3 letter texts so you can lower the column width to its minimum
Added the four new "driver status" settings above in the customize columns screen, so they can be found by unaware users :)
Modified and extended "Working/Non-Working" filter (main tool bar button):
- filter renamed to "Driver Status Filter"
- you can select the status category to filter: "Driver", "Emulation", "Color", "Sound", "Graphic" (for MAME/HBMAME only)
- filter options expanded to "Working (Good + Imperfect)", "Working (Good)", "Working (Imperfect"), "Non-Working (Preliminary)"
Game docs popup menu (mouse right-click) have new options to quickly view a info category: "Go To Game Info", "Go To History", "Go To Driver Info", "Go To Story", "Go To Marp"