The Emulation Realm



What's New:

Support cursor keys (in addition to numpad) when using keyboard for joystick emulation.
Support auto-fire for all 3 joystick buttons (via Config->Input).
[Feature #5668] Added confirmation message box for reboot (F2).
[Feature #5715] Added -no-printscreen-dlg to suppress the warning if AppleWin fails to capture the PrintScreen key.
Changed save-state file persisted to Registry from filename to pathame.
[Feature #5105] Added About dialog showing GPL (at startup, but only when AppleWin version changes).

[Bug #19154] ProDOS Order 2IMG crashing.
[Support #103098] Sometimes swapping disk could cause INIT to fail with ERROR #8.
Fixed save-state bug for when 4K BANK1 is dirty (previously it would save the stale data instead).
[Bug #18723,#19070] Mouse movement for CopyII+9.1 and ProTERM3.1.

Added "disk info" command.
[Bug #18940] Extend BSAVE and BLOAD Command To Memory Banks 0 and 1.