The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- Enhancement for the "Keyboard" tabs: Added the right-click menu to specify the mouse wheel input. This enables the wheel input to be easily combined with other key inputs such as "ALT + wheel" or "CTRL + wheel" for zoom-in/out shortcuts
- Added the feature to trigger the custom vibration pattern when the active profile is switched (under the Options tab). NOTE: At this moment, it's limited to the first XInput device. If there is a demand to notify on other devices, please contact us.
- In the main window, added the right-click menu to easily swap two button assignments.
- Main menu: Added a few menu items for easier access such as "License key", "TIPs" and "Donation" (under Help).
- Fixed the behavior when TAB key is pressed in "Keyboard Multi" setting window so that the basic configuration can be done without using a mouse.
- Other minor bug fixes