The Emulation Realm


What's New:

-- minor patch fixing glitches in the VIC-II (the ending of "Creatures II" requires precise sprite priority), the CIA (the protection of "Druid 2" modifies and freezes the day-of-time clock, but "Island of Dr.Destructo" expects said clock to stay active after modifying it), the SID 6581 (Maniacs of Noise's "Echofied" scans channel 3 to generate a sampled echo), the C64 idle bus (the protection of "Barry McGuigan's Boxing" checks the $DE00-$DFFF area: reported by Neville) and the Z80 and MOS 6510 disassemblers. ZXSEC can save Dandanator information in SZX snapshots thanks to a new block type, "DNTR". The YM file generation is now in a new file, `cpcec-ym.h`. The SDL2 audio buffer is now the library's choice (suggested by Kawe). The keyboard shortcuts Alt+Up and Alt+Down zoom the window up and down. Enabling both X-masking and Y-masking shows a new dot matrix. Minor optimisations in XRF film logic.