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- added support for ume, to determine the basis for the ume *. Exe, but is limited to display and change the configuration file stored on the interface, if ume have any new arguments, it should not be supported.
- Continue to Scarlet engineering, and now the left side of the "Driver" column originally superfluous "emu / * / *. C" classification removed, and the same red device. One thing to note is that, and the other documents such as the scarlet letter "mpu" and the like, are mechanical class definition in the menu "View" "" Custom filter "where you can direct filtration, so do not modify the source code.
- Modify the version number, and modify the cache identifier, now do not manually delete cache files should also be automatically refreshed.
- Before yangyangkingno1 compiled version 1.5.6 of the code may be mistaken, and I changed 1.5.8 1.5.7 code-based direct merger, so instability, and now there is a complete svn version includes support for 7Z, and before being given Please wait yangyangkingno1 students recompile a full version, and then there will be such a test is not a problem.

- CPS3 game discs and other chd misclassification. (Resolved)
- After setting must click on one of the other items before the entry into force, directly determine invalid. (Resolved drop-down box / drag strip / selection box / text boxes and other controls)
- Game list piles BIOS red. (Resolved)