The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- New Premium Feature: Big Box has been overhauled in several ways with this release, including a redesign of all popup screens and many performance and usability improvements
- New Premium Feature: Big Box now has a new default theme with a brand new look and a ton of new goodies for our theme developers; the old Default theme is now called "Old Default" and is still available for use
- Improvement: Big Box startup time has been significantly reduced
- Improvement: Big Box RAM usage has been significantly reduced
- Improvement: Big Box options pages have been overhauled
- Improvement: Big Box alpha-numeric indexes now open to the letter you are currently on instead of where you last left it
- Improvement: Better Big Box aspect ratio and scaling support
- Improvement: The drop downs in Big Box's filters popup are now ordered alphabetically
- Improvement: The Android exporter now supports exporting MS-DOS games in zip format (requires LaunchBox for Android 1.5+)
- Improvement: A new Swedish translation has been added thanks to gantraz from the LaunchBox Community Forums
- Improvement: Wall views in Big Box can now utilize game details (for theme developers)
- Improvement: 14 new popups are now fully themeable in Big Box and can be placed anywhere on the screen (for theme developers)
- Improvement: The Big Box custom themes documentation has all been updated for the new theming features and changes (LaunchBox\Themes\Documentation.pdf)
- Improvement: You can now use the string "LAUNCHBOX_THEME_FOLDER" in your xaml to point to the root folder of your Big Box theme (for theme developers)
- Improvement: Recent Games and Favorites thumbnails can now be used in all platforms views (for theme developers)
- Improvement: These available bindings are now usable in Big Box (for theme developers):
- DateEarned (DateTime), DateEarnedString (string), and EarnedHardcore (bool) added to AchievementView
- SelectedItemIndex added to FlowControl
- Count and SelectedItemIndex added to Platform and Game views
- You can now access FilterDetailsViewModel via any platform view to access bindings found in the details view
- 51 bindings added to FilterDetailsView
- 36 bindings added to GameDetailsView
- PreviousPage binding added to all Platform, Game, Game Details, Options, and System menus
- Fixed: Not passing an image type to FlowImage will now select the image type in user settings (for theme developers)
- Fixed: Various minor potential issues with the Export to Android process
- Fixed: Corrected Page Up/Down behavior in multiple views inside of Big Box
- Fixed: On rare occasions, some Big Box games views were only loading the last game