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What's New:

- Changed gyro output mode output behavior for joined JoyCon controllers. Run output early for Gyro Mouse and Gyro Mouse-like Joystick
- Updated many project dependency NuGet packages and DLL files
- Migrated project to use H.NotifyIcon.Wpf package
- Added extra CONNRESET IOControl call for ReceiveCallback method in UDP server. Avoids potential memory leak within UDP server in .NET 6. The call should have probably existed beforehand
- Switched main UDP message rsp to convert payload from a struct. Faster and simpler
- Added dependabot to GitHub actions. Contribution by sitiom
- Slightly tweaked Suspend and Resume power routines
- Fixed DS4Updater download URL redirect when automatic download fails
- Fixed initial data bindings for Auto Profile section
- Have Full Pull Dual Stage triggers use raw input range rather than interpreted. Might have to change how Full Pull is handled later
- Changed WelcomeDialog to use Windows temp folder while downloading rather than program folder. Would mainly affect when DS4Windows is run from a read-only folder (shouldn't be the case on a proper setup)
- Removed Mastodon and Minds social media links from About window. No longer support Mastodon as a whole. DS4Windows actually got banned from Minds
- Added extra project links and notes to About window
- Allow joined JoyCons to transmit unique Gyro data to UDP server. Mimics behavior of BetterJoy for two JoyCon controllers linked together
- Changed HidHide download link to point to version Approved release
- Enforce 6 normal key maximum for fake virtual keyboard in FakerInput handler. Pretty sure some reports were from people abusing said limit
- Removed old .NET 5 workaround for single process instance checking. Use EventWaitHandleAcl.OpenExisting included with .NET 6. Contribution by sitiom
- Fixed touchpad counter reading with DualSense. Needed for Touchpad passthru for virtual DS4 Extended output to work. Contribution by Kanuan