The Emulation Realm

dgVoodoo 2

What's New:

- Support for multihead (multimonitor) D3D9 devices (Supreme Commander)
- Fixing/implementing DDraw/D3D9 cooperation for DirectShow movie playback (Robots)
- D3D9 frontend fixes (Painkiller Black with D3D12)
- D3D9 refresh rate validation improvement (Robots)
- Adding option DirectXExt\DisplayOutputEnableMask for enabling individual display outputs
- Adding option GeneralExt\PresentationModel (for "flip" presentation modes for D3D11)
- Removing option DirectXExt\EnableSpecializedShaders
- Fixing a regressive crash (Morbus Gravis)
- Minor general improvements/optimizations and internal bugfixes (Outlast x64 and others)
- Fixing Glide 1.x LFB-lock handling (Mech Warrior 2), but it seems to work only for me (feedbacks are welcome)
- Removing DF16/DF24 depthstencil format support from GeForce virtual cards + fixing DF16/24/INTZ component mapping
- Changing the behavior of clipping transformed/untransformed vertices
- Fixing an incompatibility of updating the clip status in D3D