The Emulation Realm


What's New:

-- minor patch adding a new power-up boost option (enabled by default) that tells the emulators to trap boot procedures and speed them up. Printing a disassembly now includes the source bytes, ensuring that the binary can be always rebuilt even if the disassembly is ambiguous. The Z80 operations RETN and RETI are now identical; telling them apart is up to the NMI-issuing hardware. The Plus ASIC SSSL function is now 32k-compatible, as required by the intro "Simply the Bests". Simpler ZX ULA memory contention model: the timing buffer is now 128k long instead of 256k. The VIC-II chip is more accurate: slowdowns caused by badlines and sprite fetching are emulated (Extend's "Fellas", "HVSC 10 Years" intro...), effectively enabling badline manipulation (Archmage's "Data Zombies", Focus' "Ms. Pac Man", Excess' "Funny Rasters"...), DMA-delay horizontal scrolling ("Creatures", Tempest's "Rewind"...) and sprite stretching (Oxyron's "20 Years"). The default palette is now Community-Colors instead of Colodore. The CIA chips are more accurate too (TRSI's "4Krawall") but they don't pass the PC64 test suite yet. The internal SID filter is now partially emulated; the user can manually disable it. Minor optimisations through "likely/unlikely" branching hints.