The Emulation Realm

dgVoodoo 2

What's New:

Windows input issues caused by the wrapper are fixed (Outlaws, GTA1 DDraw mode, etc.)
Rendering transition between Glide/DDraw is fixed (Outlaws)
Concept of setup application is replaced with concept of Control Panel (CPL)

Control Panel App:
- Contrast as a new color adjustment option is added
- Preserving predefined monitor color profile(s) for fullscreen mode as an option is added
- A general option for centering the application/game window is added
- DirectX texture filtering options are changed, possibility of forcing anisotropic filtering is introduced
- New scaling mode with C64-like output (it's not a feature but more like an experimenting code)
- Visual cosmetics

- Some of the DDraw code is guarded to avoid the unexpected worst-way DLL unloading
- Now LithTech engine games (Blood2, NOLF, Kiss Psycho Circus, ...) should tolerate Alt-Tab on Win10
- Some other extra guarding to prevent crashes, Virtua Cop2 now works in D3D mode
- Blit bug and clipper incompatibility fixed in DDraw (D3DRM, Tokipazu, tech demo Final Reality)
- Minor issue in DDraw and bad L6V5U5 format descriptor is fixed (Kyro tech demos)
- Adding support for plain surface format A8L8 (DDraw) (Matrox G400 Tech Demo)
- D3D3 fog fixed (Shadows of The Empire patched to 1.1)
- Execute buffer bug fixed in D3D (D3DRM)
- Some D3D5 incompatibilities are fixed (crash and texture handling with Space Bunnies Must Die)
- Fixing D3D6 bugs and calculations of old software-only lighting and other incompatible things (DX6 SDK sample applications (Immediate/Retained) + Fog City/Tirtanium demos)
- Unexpected way of texture compression is implemented (D3D7, Soulbringer)
- Adding support for Q8W8V8U8 texture format (D3D8) (3DMark 2001 SE, Nature, Pixel shader and Advanced Pixel shader test)
- D3D8 device handling bug is fixed (multimonitor environment)
- D3D8 compatibility fixings, now handling managed textures is compatible with Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (corrupt mipmapping)
- Issue with D3D8 device capabilities and SYSTEMMEM vertex buffers are fixed (LKCC demos)
- D3D8 DrawIndexedPrimitive bug fixed (Syberia 2)
- Adding support for depth buffer format D24X4S4 (D3D8) (Matrox Parhelia Reef Tech Demo)
- Adding support for volume textures (D3D8), though with limited number of formats (Matrox Parhelia Coral Reef Tech Demo + DX8 SDK VolumeTexture sample + general)
- Lower resource usage is partly included in this version. For the time being, only the usage of GPU accessible system memory.
- General bugfixing, like unexpected forced windowed mode (Soulbringer movies), vertex shader (missing fog in Colin McRae Rally), non-perspective polygon drawing bug, fixed (Zanzarah The Hidden Portal), and a lot other
- Handling depth buffers had some bugs at FL 10.0, fixed (D3D11)
- Potential bad driving of D3D11 at FL10.1 when no resolution and MSAA is forced (D3D11) (Gorky17)
- Some (regression and other) bugs in the D3D11 renderer are fixed
- GeForce 4 profile is slightly modified to match a real GF4
  * Now light beams in Splinter Cell 1 should be rendered correctly through the GF4 card type (unblurred lights with occlusion)
- 2 new videocard types are added:
  * GeForce FX 5700 Ultra (keeps the soft shadows for Splinter Cell 1 (because I like it :D) and will hopefully be feasible to provide place for new features later)
  * Matrox Parhelia-512 (for Matrox Coral Reef Demo 1.1 and other Matrox tech demos)

- Glide fix (far background in front of the 3D world: Mig29, Uprising)
- Texture memory report is modified to match that of a real 3Dfx driver (Slave Zero)

Tons of code changing for new features that are not ready yet and so not included in this version