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What's New:

- misc: linked with notelemetry.obj
- misc: updated unrar dll to 5.40.2
- misc: updated to 7z sdk/dll 16.02
- misc merger: "clean sets" option gets disabled when "move sets to" option is used. Otherwise it's too risky to accidently wipe out sets when doing multiple runs.
- misc: compiled with VS Studio 2015 Update 2
- fixed: software list export has a space at the end of the prolog
- fixed: rare rebuild name-case-pick problem when rebuilding parent/clone sets where the clone uses different case in naming of the parent files
- fixed: %H does not match all chd-only ones
- added: setinfo lists referenced device roms in set file list
- added: settings->compressor->chdman option setting to hide console window during verify process
- added: batcher scanner option to include/exclude chd decompress in deep modes
- added: batcher scanner option to disable deep (sha1/md5/full decompress) scan
- misc: reorganized batcher prop pages (mainly used radio buttons for some options)
- misc: updated unrar dll to 5.31