The Emulation Realm

Visual Pinball

What's New:

- add (tangent space-)normal mapping support to primitive
- add EOSTorque to the flipper physics settings. This value/factor effects the way how long a flipper arm stays in the up/raised position even when you depressed the flipper button.
  On real pinballs it will take some time until the flipper solenoid loses it's power until the flipper drops down or is forced to move by a hitting ball.
- add DefaultBulbIntensityScale also to the table ball property to scale/dampen the intensity of the bulb lights on the ball
- add abilty to show the image size in the image manager for each texture
- add an "Update All" button to the image manager for updating all images without any further inquiry.
  Only an error message is shown after updating, if some images can't be updated (e.g. files not found).
- add support to import/export backdrop POV(Point Of View) settings to a XML file. It's under File->Import->Backdrop POV or File->Export->Backdrop POV
- fix/extend support for different user-selectable physics presets and also save as XML file
- hit shape of the rubber object refined
- rubbers also now have an extra HitHeight property to further decouple the collision detection from the actual visible rubber height. Also the HitHeight isn't affected by the z-scaling.

- spinner and gate animation reworked
- add a "Raise Delay" setting to drop targets
- drop targets (not hit targets) have an additional dropped and raised event that is fired if a drop target is really dropped or raised (after animation of the mesh).
  The normal hit event is also supported but decoupled from the animation, so if a hit event is fired the isdropped flag can still be false because it is set after the animation.
- add DMD image connection (if enabled in script) for flashers (and also as checkbox for textboxes)
- add support to assign left/right flipper button to left/right mouse buttons and middle mouse button to plunger key (this can introduce less lag for the flipper buttons, compared to using a keyboard remapper)
- "Throw Balls In Player" mode can now be activated permanently in the Preferences->Editor menu, also you can define the default ball size for this mode.
  The ball size for this mode can also be defined in the debugger menu.
- new video preferences
- add support to overwrite the ball image/decal texture globally
- optional post-processing of the internal DMD (via scaleFX algorithm, smoothes the output similar to FXAA)
- add SBS (Side by Side) and Interlaced 3D Stereo mode outputs
- resurrect exclusive fullscreen mode (note that this will not allow to let other windows show up, like VPinMAME)
- add 10bit output for all compatible graphics cards and monitors (non-HDR/Rec2020 for now, just plain sRGB), needs exclusive fullscreen mode for now
- possibility to disable desktop composition (only works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems, can reduce lag and/or increase performance)
- combine all common user-tweakable table settings in one simple UI panel in the table options
- new core scripts by mfuegemann and PROC controller modifications by arngrim
- hotkeys.txt added, containing all editor shortcuts