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FreeDOS is a confirmed operation in the relationship.
COPY to the problem of failure in COMMAND.COM, Fixed an issue that does not accept the key in MORE.EXE.

Person of COPY is, int 21h, in ah = 40h, was the return value of the problem of the ax when you specify cx = 0000h.
In the case of cx = 0000h, and change the file size to the current seek position.
Current seek position is, if there earlier than the current file size, that append the 00h,
Increase the file to seek the position, but was returning the number of bytes that were an afterthought this time to ax.
In this case, it seems was right to return the ax = 0000h.

Although You a MORE, for example TYPE (file) | When you run the MORE, is on MORE.EXE,
The ends of the file handle replication / multiplexing, have assigned stderr to the file handle number 0,
It seems the console-based API of was no longer working properly.
If the file handle number 0 is not an input device in the atty, rather than the API of the console system,
_kbhit () and _getch () has been modified to use a function, such as.
That's these functions, regardless of the state of the file handle, it seems to me to read the keyboard.

Further, the handle used in the API console system, the one obtained by GetStdHandle () at start
But it had been turning to use much, under the influence of the file handle replication / multiplexing,
Handle seems to be a case of becoming disabled.
Therefore, every time you use the API of the console system, has been modified to get in GetStdHandle ().

Others, DOS Swappable Data Area and the acquisition of InDOS flag in the (int 21h, ah = 34h / ax = 5d06h),
Expanded Country information acquisition lowercase table of (int 21h, ax = 6503h) has been supported.