The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- Fixed: Some additional metadata updating bugs were causing people to have outdated metadata and as a result some images were missing when importing or adding games
- Fixed: Custom filters were not working properly for some translations. If you were experiencing issues, you may need to delete your existing filters and re-create them to fix the issues.
- Fixed: When videos had problems playing with the VLC video playback engine in Big Box, Big Box was erroring out. Replaced this with a more friendly message.
- Fixed: Some occasional errors were showing up when switching views on the fly in Big Box
- Fixed: Windows and Steam imports were still using the old platform name "PC" for Windows games instead of the new proper platform "Windows"

- Fixed: Crashes on startup were occurring for some users upgrading from versions older than 5.10 due to outdated metadata XML files

- New Feature: The latest metadata is automatically downloaded from the LaunchBox Games Database on imports, so local metadata will no longer be out of date from the LaunchBox Games Database. You're also prompted when searching for games whether or not you'd like to update if an update is available.
- New Premium Feature: Big Box now contains a few new views for the games lists: CoverFlow, CoverFlow with Details, and a Vertical Clear Logo Wheel. You can change from the default view by going to Options > Games List > Games List View.
- New Premium Feature: The Big Box CoverFlow image quality and reflection opacity can be changed under Options > General.
- New Premium Feature: Big Box now contains a new view option for the platforms list: Vertical Clear Logo Wheel. You can change to this new view by going to Options > Filters List > Platforms List View.
- New Premium Feature: Big Box now includes an alpha-numeric list for easy navigation in long lists. Simply go left (or up or down depending on the view) to bring up the list.
- New Premium Feature: Big Box now allows you to lock down the interface with a pin, which will prevent all data/options changes. Set the pin under Options > Security.
- Improvement: The VLC engine in Big Box has been revamped to use higankanshi's Meta.Vlc library, which significantly boosts performance, resolves the issues with the black bars, and now allows transitions for the VLC videos!
- Improvement: Game title sorting in LaunchBox and Big Box will now ignore "The", "A", and "And" by default. If you override this with the Sort Title field, this functionality is ignored.