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Added support for EMS and XMS.
When you start with the -x option, will be effective EMS, XMS is.
However, XMS supports only later i286.

In addition, it supports the connection of conventional memory and UMB memory chain.

Because it does not have available sufficient verification, thank you for your cooperation to the test.
Once, or to recognize the EMS in VZ editor, it seems to be able to refer to the area of ​​EMS / XMS in X8MAP.

int 21h, which is referenced in the country-specific information to get in ah = 38h, now supports case conversion routine.
When you start the zip.exe that is included here, a list of options is now displayed without crashing.

The IRET table for the hook of the system call, was to be placed in the memory block that has been managed by the MCB.
From the segment of the interrupt vector of int 2eh, a fix for the case to get the MCB.

Fixed a disassembler of built-in i386.
This is for development, not included in the binary you are distributing.