The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- New Feature: LaunchBox now supports emulators for console platforms! Use the the Emulation tab when adding or editing a game
- New Feature: Clean Up Images is now available under the Tools menu; this will remove any left over images that are no longer associated with your games
- New Feature: Multiple games can now be selected at once and can easily be deleted in batch; edits for multiple games at once are coming soon as well
- Improvement: LaunchBox now searches only for the selected platform, if a platform is selected before searching
- Improvement: MASSIVE performance increases! Libraries of 5,000+ games are now easy and quick to manage
- Improvement: Startup time is now next to nothing! Images are loaded and cached as they are needed instead of all at once. Because of this, scrolling may be a tad bit slow after a large import or upon initial startup of the new version, but should be extremely fast after all images are cached
- Improvement: LaunchBox now does a better job keeping the image folders synchronized with the game titles when the titles are changed
- Improvement: Additional applications that use DOSBox now use the DOSBox icon
- Fixed: Icons now show up properly for additional applications
- Fixed: Cached front box art images were occassionally not updating after editing a game
- Fixed: Occassionally, Steam imports would crash LaunchBox after the import was completed