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What's New:

- FATALITY! I can't beleive it... I FORGOT to change the audit feature to get .7z contents using the 7-Zip library!
- Emu Loader would simply crash as EL was trying to open .7z files as they were in .zip format, using the ZipForge library
- Well, that's fixed so you can start using MAME/HBMAME/Demul ROM sets in 7-Zip again. Thousand apologies...
- Vertical scrollbar would go back to position zero after clicking on a column (details view mode)
- Filters based on driver names were not working. Now all driver names are handled without the file extension

- Section entries of games/devices with no ROMs are removed from ROMs list files (sysname_roms.el). This does not improve performance and it reduces only mere KBytes of file size, but it keep files clean (crete games list)

- New feature: Select a fixed game at startup (requested). It allows you to always select the same game at startup, regardless the last selected game when exiting the frontend
* Access thru a new games popup sub-menu "Select Game at Startup"
* Just select the desired game, call the popup menu and select "Use Current: game_title" menu option
* This overwrites the "select last selected game" feature. To go back to the regular mode, just click on "Clear Selection" menu item
* If the game cannot be found (not visible due to filters, etc), this feature will fallback to the regular last selected game
* The first menu item is the game you chose as a fixed game. Cliking on it will select that game
* Selection details are saved in EmuLoader.ini using a new "[SelectGameStartup]" section