The Emulation Realm



What's New:

- Configure controller for XInput emulator NullDC
- New option 'mode high performance every time you start a game'
(Defined mode power management to 'High Performance' for optimal performance)
(The method of power management back to its original state once the game left )
(Windows XP is not affected by this new option)
- Game Profile: Full screen option for the emulator NeoRaine
- Included emulator Jnes and MameUIFX for widescreen option
- New option emulators: 'Linear Filter - Bilinear'
- Define the language of the firmware according to the language defined in EmuCenter2 for DeSmuME emulators, Dolphin (Gamecube only) and NullDC
(Multi-language games on these emulators therefore launch in French or English)
- New feature to search and download a game on the Web ( for
- Truncate names Nintendo DS games starting with figures for the renaming function, research covers and descriptions
(Ex: "4078 - nom_du_jeu.nds" become "name of the game")
- New emulators options: Display Counter frames per second (only compatible emulators)
- New search panel
- Ability to search for games only for the current platform
- Some keyboard shortcuts
(CTRL + S = Show or hide panel 'search', CTRL + P = Show or hide panel 'game profile', F5 = refresh games list, ESC = Close web page)
- Game Profile option: 'Namco fighting game' for the Sony Playstation 2 platform
(Remove the vertical lines of black for fighting games Namco eg. Tekken 5, Soul Calibur, ...)
- Button in Options -> File 'to redefine the temporary directory (for extracting games)
- Automatic and manual configuration of the controller for the emulator SSF and 1964 (DirectInput only)
- 3 servers choice to download the game covers
(2 lying in France and one in the U.S.)...

- Automatic configuration of the controller to the emulator Dolphin, pSX and Nestopia
- Windows 8 User: Full screen (16-bit) causes emulator error FBA Shuffle, Kega Fusion and ePSXe
(Uncorrectable: The emulator steem refuses to run in full screen)
- Slowing the main interface when loading the page update
- Search Google Images with pockets:
--- Unable to navigate between sections with keyboard or joystick after searching for a pocket on Google Images
--- Can not select a game from the list after was an error adding jackets drag / drop
--- Unsuccessful Adding some covers with the "drag / drop" from Google Images
- Bar Feed empty input each reset the news index
- Link m1.xml missing file from version 6.0
(EmuCenter2 uses this file to get the real name of the game ARCADE and Neo-Geo to download the descriptions of games)
- Search descriptions games with accented characters (à, â, é, è, ...)
- Manual configuration of the controller for the emulator PPSSPP in DirectInput mode (XInput unchecked)
- Manual configuration of the controller to the stick 2 (all platforms) in DirectInput mode (XInput unchecked)
(The stick 2 could not be detected during manual configuration of the controller)
- Configure Automatic and manual lever: Various
- Options 'V-Sync' and 'Fullscreen' for some 'Game Profile'
- Freezes the emulator in 1964 after having to leave a game with button combination
- Link to uninstall EmuCenter2 the panel Remove Programs
- Turning an Atari Jaguar with combination of buttons on the controller
- Various minor and

- Rewrote the search code descriptions (English) on
(The website has completely changed)
- Optimizes and secures EmuCenter2 with Microsoft FxCop analysis tool
(Replaces up to Dynamic Resource Static)
(Optimizes Operations string)
(Protects some instance fields)
- Executes the search for pockets on the Web only if a game from the list does not contain wallet
- Permanently removes the emulator JPCSP (Sony PSP)
(Rare are the games that works with both the emulator PPSSPP, besides the requirement to install the Java plugin for the proper functioning of this emulator)
- Replaces the default RSS link (emunova) to French interface ""
- Defined in 32-bit color depth (full screen) for some emulators (1964, ePSXe, FBA Shuffle and Fusion)
- Adds context menu for the button 'Sort list of games' in quick access toolbar
- Option XInput (Proposes to enable XInput compatible gamepad option if one is detected)
- Miscellaneous: ...

- SharpCompress library 0.10.1 (archive decompression * zip * gz * rar * .7 z...)
- Daemon Tools Lite 4.48_1.347
- Emulator PPSSPP 0.9.5 x86/x64 (Sony PSP)
- Emulator MameUIFX 0151 x86/x64 (Arcade)