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Emu Loader


What's New:

- Access violation after closing the select folder dialog. It didn't happen for everyone one though (not even on my system)
- Some MAME folders were being wrongly handled as ROMs folders, using "uMain.ExtractROMsFolders()" function. Replaced by a proper "uMain.ExtractMultiFolders()" function
- Weird that Emu Loader was "kinda" loading those info to MAME settings screen without problems... but it was being loaded WRONG!
- Proper load support for multiple MAME folders: samples, artwork, controllers. EL could only work with single folders
- Memory leak when exiting the frontend if MAME settings screen was accessed at least once
- When handling multiple items in a ListView (delete/move/copy files, remove item from list), only the first item would be processed and loop routines would self-terminate prematurely
- Minor visual tweaks...

Updates to "Not Used Zip Files" (main menu "Settings"/Maintenance"):
- support .7z format
- added a destination folder edit box and a overwrite files checkbox
- menu option "Maintenance" moved out of "Settings" as a sub-menu
- feature renamed to "Not Used Game Files"

Support for DICE v0.7. File "DICE_xml.dat" updated with new games and a few other changes
- a new "sourcefile" tag was added to show driver name (reduntant for DICE ???)
- a new "versionadded" tag was added to show which emulator version each game was added
- driver status is now always set to "Good" (hard-coded in EL's source code)
- category info is now shown using MAME's catver.ini (might not be accurate)

New feature:
Copy/move game files
- Feature can be accessed only in games popup menu (mouse right-click)
- Similar to "Delete Selected Games" feature, but to copy or move game files
- It works with single and multiple games selections
- New "Destination Folder" edit box so you can select the destination path when copying/moving files (full paths only!)
- If destination path doesn't exist, EL will try to create it
- New "Overwrite Existing Files" option so you can choose to overwrite or not existing files in the destination folder
- Added a new (and fancy) dialog box to show operation progress (delete/copy/move)... with an error log too

- if you click on cancel button, all files that were already deleted/copied/moved will NOT be restored
- CHD files are copied/moved to a "\chd_files\" sub-folder in the destination path. This cannot be changed
- when copying/moving files for multiple games of different systems (MAME, ZiNc, etc), systems othen than MAME are placed in a sub-folder to avoid mixing files, like so:
- MAME: root of the destination path
- Supermodel: root_path\SupermodelSEGAModel3\
- Daphne: root_path\Daphne\
- Demul: root_path\Demul\
- HBMAME: root_path\HBMAME\
- DICE: root_path\DICE\
- Sega Model 2: root_path\SEGAModel2\
- ZiNc: root_path\ZiNc\ - when copying files of games that share the exact same ROMs/CHDs files (MAME and HBMAME games for example), to prevent EL from creating duplicates, EL keeps an internal list of all MAME files. This list is checked against game files of all the other systems
Some HLSL options are back for better compatibility with previous MAME builds (0.149 and older): "read custom ini file", "write custom ini file", "hlsl file name"