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What's New:

- Fixed serious bug with SDL not playing sound and keeping yanese.exe process opened. 0.14 Download Link removed from page.
- Optimized code

- Sound: Yanese now uses SDL 1.2.15. I said i didn't want to add third pary .dll, but it really solves the problem of sound glitches. The .dll file is included in the zip.
- Mappers:. Fixed MMC1, UNROM, BxROM and MMC3 bugs.
- MMC3: Now MMC3 is implmented according A12 state. It's still not perfect, but most games are playable. Thanks to Zepper for the code to pass "REV B" test.
- APU: Fixed APU bugs.
- IRQ: IRQs now behaves like a real 6502.
- Save State Format Changed: Changed.again, sorry.
- Fixed other bugs.