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"... the main reason you might want to give these a test-drive is the new code for the Nemesis colours, as covered below, however there are some other things worth talking about.

There have been a number of additional regression fixes etc. from the team submitted over the last week or so to combat issues caused by recent refactoring so these builds should be once again more stable than the last ones. Work has also continued on the MSX and Amiga driver reworking, check the change logs for details there.

One thing that seems to have slipped under the radar on all the MAME news sites is Any’s dumping / addition of the Konami game ‘Step Champ’ This, until now, was an unemulated Konami competitive Minigame collection with a step pad a little like the Dance games they made so popular (and no surprise one of the mini-games is a dance based one)"