The Emulation Realm

Emu Loader

What's New:

- Changes to the thumbnails view mode; thanks to Fabian for reporting bugs on this feature and helping with beta testing
  * thumbnail cell resize when hiding game titles
  * if using game fonts of different sizes (parent font, clones font, preliminary font, etc) the thumbnail cell will update based to the biggest font, to fix screen garbage
  * thumbnail cell resize when editing game fonts (parent, clones, preliminary, etc)... no need to be in thumbnails view mode
  * thumbnails settings screen updated to include a "Confirm" button (apply settings and close dialog)
  * new setting "Keep Aspect Ratio", enabled by default. If you want the image to fill the entire thumbnail cell, uncheck this option
  * new generate thumbnail function to work with aspect ratio disabled; this one also does anti-aliasing... sharpening code from previous function actually made thumb images worse!!
  * fixed huge ammounts of memory leaks by placing GlobalThreadManager.FlushMessageCache() calls BEFORE reinitializing thumbnails... same fix for MAMu_ icons
- Search bar changes
  * removed fiter title bar; edit box hint now show the current filter title
  * a grayed out "Search games..." text is displayed if edit box is empty
  * buttons/icons size changed to match the edit box
  * removed filter search pattern button and replaced it by a small down arrow button inside the edit box (preliminary)
  * edit box width increased by 20 pixels

- New setting "Show Games Status Bar", enabled by default. Unckeck it to hide the status bar below the games list (main menu "View")