The Emulation Realm

Releases for Windows operating systems.

Cemu GUI

What's New:

- New icon
- Adding option to hide clock
- Adding option to hide the Game info


What's New:

- Arcadia, Interton, Elektor, Astro Wars: added more trainers.
- Laser Battle, Lazarian: improved emulation.
- Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Virtual Vector

Virtual Vector emulates the Vector-06C home computer.


What's New:

Google Translate:

- From 0.181 onwards, it corresponds to the shark! Shark! Shark !, vimana, texpaki, big fighter, scramble formation etc MCU operation.
- Power drift correspondence versions, Ehmama Great, Hanzoo, and several clone motions.
- Add main fixes such as empty graphics normalization, FM volume control implementation such as night slasher.


What's New:

- new systems dat in resources - even corrects some names MAME/MESS got wrong
- added new Efinds for Mame and Retroarch's Mess
- add all new automatedsoftlists for Retroarch and Mame
- added movers for the softlists
- remove Mess Magician as a tool
- updates tool executable
- retroarch.ini: fixed bug 40 - retroarch core format
- resolved char encoding issue
- included update script that conforms system/machine names
- start to write system name updates mechanism
- about box was right costrained a bit
- corrected references to forum


What's New:

- This release just adds text for other systems in the Setup Wizard to state that MAME compatible XML game lists can be created with GameEx.


MVEM emulates a Milton Bradley Microvision handheld gaming console.

To run games simply drag and drop onto the MVEM.exe or use the command line or a frontend.

Metropolis Launcher

Metropolis Launcher has been created to be a great old-school launcher, emulation front-end and an extensive offline database of video game metadata thanks to MobyGames and their strong user base.


What's New:

- Aligned files to 0.185 version. Updated: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt' and 'alltimesMESS.txt'.


What's New:

- Selected graphic packs save between sessions
- Added a small input box for manual update versions
- Database automatically re-builds every 3 days at startup
- Version Check - notified at startup upon version mismatch
- Bug fixes