The Emulation Realm

Releases with ports for two or more operating systems.

ZEsarUX - Debian (32bit)  ZEsarUX - Debian (64bit)  ZEsarUX - Mac  ZEsarUX (Source)

ZEsarUX is a ZX ZX80, ZX81, and ZX Spectrum emulator for Unix (Linux and Mac).

XRoar (32bit)  XRoar (64bit)  XRoar - Mac  XRoar - Mac Intel  XRoar (Source)

What's New:

- Fix keyboard handling - CoCo Tetris now playable again.
- SDL, CoreAudio: allow -ao-fragments more than 1.
- Binary file loading no longer assumes 64K RAM organisation.
- Warn about use of deprecated options.
- Add joystick menus to GTK+ interface.
- New option -ao-format to select audio sample format.
- Fix 6309 timing issue (CMPU, CMPS).
- Fix issue with 6309 STBT instruction.
- Use endian.h where available.
- Preserve extra VDK header information in rewritten images.
- New Windows UI adding menus to the SDL window.
- Detect headerless JVC image geometry from OS-9 filesystem information.
- New option -no-disk-auto-os9 disables automatic geometry detection.
- Recognise ".os9" as extension for JVC images, ignores -no-disk-auto-os9.
- Deprecated option -disk-jvc-hack (now ignored in favour of above).

Citra  Citra (Source)

An experimental open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++. At this time, it only emulates a very small subset of 3DS hardware, and therefore is only useful for booting/debugging very simple homebrew demos.

Virtual T  Virtual T - linux  Virtual T (Source)

What's New:

New features
- Completed the 8085 relocating linker!! This was the primary reason for this release in fact. Many, many changes to get to this point.
- Modified the IDE with new tabs for selecting the file to edit. The old tabs used the standard FLTK tab control and were really ugly, plus had an issue with tab width calculations with regard to mouse presses to select the tab.
- Added saving and restoring of opened windows when VirtualT is shutdown and restarted.
- Created a Watch Variables Widget and added it to the Memory Editor Window. This will also be used in the IDE debugger.
- Added options to Memory Editor Window to use black background with color coded text and the ability to set the font size.
- Added emulated NADSBox (minimal implementation so far) and controls in Peripheral Setup to connect it to the serial port.
- Added TPDD Server (NADSBox) packet log viewer window to Tools menu.
- Added support for NEC PC-8300 emulation.
- Added color syntax hilighting, Load and Save, and Find operations to Disassembler window.

Steem SSE  Steem SSE - Linux

What's New:

-Gemdos hard disk: interception mode depends on option 'Hacks'
  Checked: mode 6 if possible (ReDMCSB)
  Unchecked: always mode 4
  This is because we're still not sure that ReDMCSB would compile on a real ST.
-STE DMA sound (option Microwire): YM+DMA only if mixer mode 1
-Adapt Steem to current version of FreeImage (breaking changes)
-No drive led when drive not selected
-Defaults to WU1 for vertical overscan

PUAE (Source)

What's New:


M+GUI  M+GUI (Source)

What's New:

- Fixed buffer overflow (temporary fix)

openMSX Launcher  openMSX Launcher - Linux  openMSX Launcher - Mac  openMSX Launcher - Java

What's New:

- Added ability to filter databases by company, year, country, medium, size, MSX generation, sound chip and genre
- Added game properties in the right-click contect menu
- Added ability to update game extra data in all databases. Useful when there's a new version of the accompanying extra-data.dat file
- Added slight display improvements to the Mac version
- Added ability to select a game in the list by typing the first few letters of its name

Bug fixes:
- Some fields set internally in the game profile (and only now displayable in the new properties screen) were not correct. The new 'Update all databases' feature fixes that automatically

Catapult (Source)

This is the official frontend from the programmers of openMSX.

Note: already included with windows builds.

openMSX (32bit)  openMSX (64bit)  openMSX - Mac  openMSX (Source)

What's New:

New or improved emulator features:
- extended save_msx_screen script to take VDP(24) into acount
- fixed crash on Visual Studio build when using wav files (e.g. in the
- fixed crash on 32-bit Visual Studio build when recording videos without
the -doublesize option
- fixed crash on 32-bit Visual Studio build when using scale_factor 3 and SDL

MEWUI-UME (32bit)  MEWUI-UME (64bit)  MEWUI-UME - Ubuntu (32bit)  MEWUI-UME - Ubuntu (64bit)  MEWUI-UME - (Source)

What's New:

- Displaying information from DATs files (History / Mameinfo / Messinfo / Sysinfo) directly available in the right panel of the main menu.
- Filters for software lists, "All" - "Originals" - "Clones".

- Now the selection of filters Manufacturers and Years, in the left panel menu, directly opens the selection list.

- Bug in select option Classic - Grouped.