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What's New:

New features
- Completed the 8085 relocating linker!! This was the primary reason for this release in fact. Many, many changes to get to this point.
- Modified the IDE with new tabs for selecting the file to edit. The old tabs used the standard FLTK tab control and were really ugly, plus had an issue with tab width calculations with regard to mouse presses to select the tab.
- Added saving and restoring of opened windows when VirtualT is shutdown and restarted.
- Created a Watch Variables Widget and added it to the Memory Editor Window. This will also be used in the IDE debugger.
- Added options to Memory Editor Window to use black background with color coded text and the ability to set the font size.
- Added emulated NADSBox (minimal implementation so far) and controls in Peripheral Setup to connect it to the serial port.
- Added TPDD Server (NADSBox) packet log viewer window to Tools menu.
- Added support for NEC PC-8300 emulation.
- Added color syntax hilighting, Load and Save, and Find operations to Disassembler window.

Updates / bug fixes
- Fixed issue with remote interface simulated keystokes where the keys wouldn't always be regconized. There was a race condition between the remote thread and the simulation thread.
- Updated GNUmakefile to auto-generate dependencies and use wildcard search for selecting source files vs. specifying everything manually.
- Added feature to FX80 printer emulation to perform auto word-wrap selectable via the printer setup page.
- Made the FX80 Virtual Paper display resizeable.
- Modified CPU speed indicator to show 2 decimal places precision for speeds less than 10 MHz.
- Now reports error if REX / ReMem memory cannot be loaded / saved.
- Updated REX emulation to support REX3 for PC8201 state machine changes.
- Started converting the preferences file to use preference groups to help organize the growing list of entries in the file.
- Completed the "-nogui" option under Linux and added console interface control. This provides an identical interface to the existing socket / telnet control interface.
- Started adding support to Disassembler window to disassemble things other than the main ROM.