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What's New:

The main features of this version are more hack possibilities :

- You can now change the neocd bios or the neogeo bios on the fly, without even rebooting the game. For the neocd bios, if you want to choose a non standard bios, it must be outside any zip file and have a .bin extension. Every bios will be accepted, and they won't be tested for missing features for now, so if it crashes, don't complain !
- Abitlity to change soft dips from within any neogeo or neocd game : just go to the neocd options, choose soft dips, and make your changes. For neocd games, the settings are saved and reloaded automatically in an external file, for neogeo games they are saved in the backup ram. Some settings like "blood color" for metal slug take effect immediately. For neogeo games you can change these settings just after loading the game only if it already has an entry in the backup ram. If not, just start the game a few seconds and the settings will become available.
- Ability to change "debug dips". To change these you need 1st to start the game so the ram is initialized, if you change them before that, your changes will be lost. Changes here are not saved. These are debug dipswitches which were probably available only on the dev machines. Anyway there are some interesting possiblities with some games.

The list of debug dips come from this site :, this page is converted to text in the config directory of raine, don't delete this file, or all the debug dips will appear as "unknown". That's also the case if you load a game without any entry in the file. Some games might have some unknown effects not discovered yet, you can try that if you wish. There is also a "developper mode" setting in the neocd opotions now which might need to be enabled for the debug dips to work (it's rarely the case though).Some games have some notes which will not appear in the debug dips in raine, so it's a good idea to take a look at this page too.

Except these main features, a few more neogeo games, including some big encrypted ones this time, a new experimental way to fight the slowdowns in metal slug 2, a fix for some bad colors in loading animations in neocd in some very specific situations, and a few minor fixes...

Ah also, if some people have raine crashing as soon as they try to run any game, it's very probably because you enabled "data execution prevention", raine needs data execution because of its assembler code which auto modifies itself. To see how to remove this if you have this problem, follow this link :