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What's New:

FS-UAE Improvements

- Many improvements, several bug fixes, and new translations.
- FS-UAE now supports multiple mice at the same time. Especially useful for games such as multi-player Lemmings.
- Improved packaging for several Linux distributions.
- Support for SDL 2.0 (currently used by the OS X version).
- “Portable” distributions are available for Windows and OS X (Read more below).
- Several more FS-UAE configuration options are available.
- JIT should work on Windows (x86) too now.

FS-UAE Launcher Improvements

- Much better support for the online Amiga game database.
- Online Amiga game database no longer marked as experimental.
- Support for automatically and manually downloadable games.
- QT toolkit is now used for FS-UAE Launcher on all platforms.
- Improved joystick/gamepad configuration tool.
- Improved preferences dialog, many more options added.

Portable Distribution

- On Windows and OS X, you now have the choice to download portable zips. When using the portable distribution, FS-UAE programs and data will be stored in the same location (and Documents/FS-UAE will not be used anymore – unless this is where you extracted to).

- Note that if you used the zip for FS-UAE 2.2.x, this was not a portable zip – it was just a way to “install” FS-UAE without using the exe installer. So the above comment applies to this case too.

- If you upgrade from FS-UAE 2.2.x and now want to use the portable distribution instead, you should either:

  * Also copy the contents from FS-UAE/Documents to where you extracted the portable zip, or
  * If you want to, extract the portable zip containing the programs to FS-UAE Documents.

Log File Location

- Log files are now by default stored in Documents/FS-UAE/Cache/Logs. FS-UAE will try to delete the old log files (and log dir) to avoid confusion.

Swapped Display Order of Joystick Ports

- The display order of mouse and joystick ports has been swapped, with the joystick port on top. This fits better with the convention that the joystick port is usually used by player 1, and especially the joystick tab with all four joystick ports is easier to use the port order equals player order. The ports are now called “Joystick Port” and “Mouse Port” instead of Joystick Port 0/1.

Video Synchronization Disabled by Default

- Video sync is now off by default, to avoid performance issues on some platforms. There’s a new preferences page in FS-UAE to enable video sync.

Upgrading from FS-UAE Launcher 2.2.x

- When updating from 2.2.x, the game database and file database in FS-UAE Launcher will be cleared, so you need to rescan your files. You’ll also need to log in to the online database (if you’re using it) and refresh the game list.

Alpha/Preview Release of FS-UAE Arcade

- A preview release of FS-UAE Arcade – a fullscreen interface for browsing and running games is now available as “alpha”. You need to log into the online game database in FS-UAE Launcher in order to use it. Remember, this is a preview release, and there are still some rough edges in FS-UAE Arcade, so your mileage my vary.