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What's New

- Floppy LED (visible only with virtual keyboard)
- Virtual keyboard:
  * adjustable: position, size, transparency
  * persistent: saves position, size, transparency automatically (separately for portrait and landscape on Android and iOS)
  * visual und acoustic (switchable) feedback
- Virtual joystick in two different sizes
- Virtual mouse (selectable instead of joystick): AMX, Reisware/Gerdes or Symbiface II (PS/2)
- Original sounds of disk drive, cassette relay and keyboard (can be switched on and off)
- Zoom function (display without border), alternating with and without full screen; persistent (separately for portrait and landscape on Android and iOS)
- Audio emulation deeply revised; output quality significantly improved (you can select from 4 output frequencies)
- Vortex memory extension SP64...SP512
- Jarek memory extension 576KB...4096KB
- Bank-switching speed dramatically improved; correct emulation of C3 mode
- IPv6-enabled web server similar to M4 board (upload and download into/from the emulator via web interface)
- Autostart behaviour improved (automatic file selection and deactivation)
- Minimal audio latency on Android (Oboe)
- User interface improved on Android/iOS
- Setup settings are saved immediately
- First preparations for new user interface
- Adjusted to SDL version 2.0.22 (which needs to be installed manually on Linux)
- Fixed bugs: background-foreground-changing behaviour on Android, real-time speed, video output speed (in particular on Android, iOS and MacOS, I think also on the Raspberry Pi), memory leaks, M4 sockets, file access on Android and iOS