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What's New:

- Allow for a portable, minimal Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installation in the jre/ folder (Windows only). If you would like to use the minimal JRE, just download this 21MB zip and extract it into the DBGL folder. You should then be able to use DBGL without the need to install a complete Java SDK (or JRE) (RedTony).
- Updated multiple Java libraries, most importantly SWT which now requires Java 11 !
- Improved file linking by using file:// URLs instead of linking by file path. The previous behavior can still be used, if necessary.
- Fixed an issue where on some systems, non-relative profile links could have been used. Any such existing links will be corrected on first startup (arobbo).
- Fixed an issue where trying to open a profile's game folder did not work (Digitoxin).
- Fixed an issue where cover art could sometimes be saved in .png format instead of the more suitable .jpg format (RedTony).
- Removed 7-zip support for GamePackArchives.
- Various minor corrections and improvements.
- Slovakian translation update by Tomas K., Spanish update by Neville and German update by Marcel Luka.