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What's New:

- qt: Fix compile on ARM64 with GLES2 headers
- qt: properly update "Show non-primary monitors" settings when they are closed
- qt: Fix unresponsive progress bar when creating floppy images
- update RPM spec
- pit_fast: fix off by one error with mode 2 counter
- fluidsynth: Add channel pressure handling
- qt: Media menu updates
- Machine table changes and function cleanups
- Use defines instead of hardcodes for drive limits
- qt: Enable and make VNC work properly
- mpu401: Add MPU-401AT I/O address ranges
- qt: Update machine settings layout for consistency
- vnc: Pause always when switching to VNC renderer
- x86: mov r, DR6 now always writes bits 4-11 and bits 16-31 as 1