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What's New:

- Replaced the wx.busyinfo with my own pop-up window. Had to do this as busyinfo doesn’t seem to work on Linux or MacOS anymore. I like my version better as I can customise it.
- Added a SetFocus for the first ROM button in TileView after starting. After recent changes this was preventing navigation unless you used the mouse to click in the window (Under Linux and MacOS).
- Added further error trapping for systems that cannot play media files.
- Have tested pfeMAME under Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu (WSL2). Had to add a few extra error traps for video playback as I haven’t worked out yet how to get that to work in WSL2.

- Added additional command line switch -novid. This disables video playback in the main and tile views.
- Added a pfeMAME preference ‘Disable All Video Playback’
- Added python-vlc as a required external library. This is for a feature I am working on.
- Added VLC as the primary option for video playback under MS Windows. This gives much better playback file support, but it does require you to have VLC installed on your machine. Unfortunately, on Linux and Mac OS this doesn’t currently work as I am having problems getting VLC playback to work correctly. On those platforms it will default to wx MediaCtrl.
- Added a video screensaver. The inactivity time is set in Preferences (Set to Zero to disable). After the pre-set amount of time inactive a fullscreen video player will launch (if video playback is supported). The player plays a random selection of videos from the Video folder (if you have one defined). Press any key to exit. NOTE: If not using VLC as the video player you will have the same limitations above in regard to video file support. If the file is not supported, you may just get a black screen.
- Added the right & left gamepad bumper controls to navigate page up / down in the ROMs list.
- Added support for the gamepad D-Pad up / down to navigate the page up / down.
- Fixed joystick navigation in Tileview from not stopping the ROM video causing the currently playing video to move with the navigation.
- Added preferences to selectively allow the joystick navigation to be enabled in the main view and tile view. By default, they are enabled. In Tile View, if you are using a cabinet with a USB joystick device mapped to the cursor keys, then you will likely want to disable the joystick navigation support in preferences if this causes any issues.
- I have updated the layout of the preferences window again as there are a lot more checkbox options and I was running out of vertical space.
- On first time run the File Paths toolbar icon will be highlighted with a RED background to indicate this is where to go first.
- Added an option under the ‘View’ menu item to launch the fullscreen video player (AKA screensaver) manually.
- Added a button to allow you to reset the ROMs list horizontal spacing back to its default startup size. A nice easy way to get the view back to normal after expanding columns.
- Modified the build setup file to import pfemame and use variable declarations from that file for various attributes (e.g. __version__). This way I don’t have to up-rev both the main file and the setup file every time I release a new version.
- Updated the image display type on main screen to use the custom colors so that it can support dark mode.