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What's New

New/Improved Features
- A setting to allow joypad input when SameBoy is not in focus was added to both frontends
- The SDL GUI now follows the user-configured Game Boy palette
- The SDL frontend now supports Game Boy palettes exported from the Cocoa port, and now includes 7 new palettes to choose from
- The scrollbar in the SDL frontend is now draggable
- The SDL GUI now correctly allows using the user-configured buttons in its menu
- An OpenAL audio driver is now available for Linux and other Unix users in the SDL port
- Up to two joypad hotkeys may now be configured to perform actions such as pausing and saving states in both frontends
- The softbreak debugger command was given a better description
- Both frontends will now warn you if progress cannot be saved when loading a ROM
- Game Boy Player (using CPU AGB A) is now a selectable Game Boy Advance revision

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes
- Emulated a glitch where a misconfigured window can insert pixels between tiles on models prior to the Game Boy Color, fixes Star Trek - 25th Anniversary
- Fixed a window-related regression, affecting edge cases where WX=0
- Accuracy improvements to emulation of the Game Boy Camera
- Accurate emulation of JOYP switching delay on the DMG
- Realistic emulation of button bouncing while keeping lag to a minimum

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where SameBoy crashed on Windows 7 when using turbo while the XAudio driver was in use

Misc Internal Changes
- Fixed a potential memory corruption when SameBoy is used as a library in a C++ project