The Emulation Realm

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What's New:

ARM Developer
- debugging window added for global variable inspection
- collision detection of ARM stack with program variables
- static areas window improved
  * clearer indication of memory addresses
  * labeling of named variables in memory
- performance window improved
  * raw ARM cycle values in addition to percentile values
  * kernel focus (VBLANK, Visible Screen, Overscan)
  * performance relative to frame
- access of address 0x00 is treated as illegal (probably null dereference)
- visualisation of CDF streams

VCS RAM and Cartridge RAM Window
- indicates labeling of addresses (using ASM symbol file)
- illustration of 6507 stack usage

- choice of attached peripheral can be overriden on startup

TIA bug fixes
- corrected missile reset to player position for double-width player

- EEPROM window (savekey data) works correctly for AtariVox

- BREAK NONEXE to halt execution on 6507 execution if PC address is not in the Cartridge or RAM areas

Debugger GUI
- better window management in the debugger
- window state (open/close) saved between sessions

Playmode GUI
- non-integer scaling reintroduced - improved scaling method to avoid uneven scanlines
- bugfix (Windows and MacOS)
  * window repainted during window resizing meaning better visual feedback for the user
- audio can be muted (could already be muted in the debugger)
- state of FPS overlay will carried over between sessions
- "active" pause screen readded as an option (in the prefs window)