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What's New:

- DS Audio: Add PSG audio
- DS Slot-1: Improve savedata setup via IPC sniffing
- DS Video: Add display capture blending

- DS: Fix exposed CPU frequencies and audio timing
- DS Audio: Fix audio sampling slightly too quickly
- DS GX: Fix T-repeat textures (fixes #577)
- DS GX: Fix 4-color texture coordinates
- DS GX: Hack around writing to a full FIFO that has a swap pending (fixes #608)
- DS GX: Fix bitmap textures when no palette is mapped (fixes #628)
- DS GX: Don’t reset state between buffer swaps (fixes #642)
- DS GX: Allow viewport to change in the middle of a frame
- DS GX: Properly mask address for slot 2 4x4-texel textures
- DS GX: Retain translucent polygon ID when drawing opaque fragments (fixes #661)
- DS GX: Fix DMAs triggering too frequently (fixes #620, #583)
- DS GX: Fix large textures wrapping
- DS Slot-1: Emulate initial SPI command delay
- DS Timers: Fix ARM9 timers running too fast
- DS Video: Fix VRAM mirroring in the renderer (fixes #561)
- DS Video: Fix extended modes 1.x screen base range (fixes #568)
- DS Video: Capture with alpha bit set
- DS Video: Bitmap sprites use alpha bit for transparent
- DS Video: Fix blend bit on windows for 3D layer (fixes #611)
- DS Video: Enable overflow bit on extended affine modes
- DS Video: Fix extended mode 0 without extended palettes
- DS Video: Fix capture stride
- DS Video: Fix affine transformations in video capture
- Feature: Fix resizing GIF buffer (fixes #695)

- ARM9: Implement SMLAW and SMULW
- ARM9: Implement STRD/LDRD
- DS: Set boot complete bit in RAM on boot (fixes #576, #580, #586)
- DS: Attempt to detect if a game is homebrew
- DS Memory: Ensure DS9 I/O is 8-byte aligned
- DS Slot-1: Emulate KEY delay
- FFmpeg: Allow framerate to be adjusted
- Qt: Add .nds files to the extension list in Info.plist
- Qt: Add .srl as an extension for DS ROMs