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What's New:

- Added command-line option "-which_medium", to specify which CD to start with when using multi-CD M3U sets.
- SNES: Fixed "Tractor Beam" spell graphical glitches in "Star Ocean".
- SNES: Fixed emulator hang when saving state in "Panic Bomber W".
- SNES_FAUST: Added PAL support.
- SNES_FAUST: Made minor optimizations to the BG rendering code.
- SNES_FAUST: Added setting "snes_faust.correct_aspect", default value of "1".
- SS: Fixed broken input in "Primal Rage"(a 0.9.43 regression).
- SS: Added support for a 16MiB RAM cart mapped into the A-bus CS1 area(for "Heart of Darkness" and homebrew).
- VB: Added support for custom palettes.
- VB: Reworked how LED on-state duration is translated into RGB values and added setting "vb.ledonscale"; the default value of "vb.ledonscale" is set such that the overall brightness will be lower than in previous versions of Mednafen, to reduce white crush, but the user can set it to a value of "1.9921875" to approximate the old brightness level.
- WonderSwan: Removed setting "wswan.rotateinput", and added a new device("gamepadraa") that can be selected on virtual input port 1 to automatically rotate inputs when the display is rotated.