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What's New:

Added Sinclair QL emulation
Added remote command protocol. You can do enhanced debugging on ZEsarUX by using a telnet client.
  There are a lot of commands, even many commands exclusive to this protocol and not found on the GUI, like:
  * load-source-code
  * hexdump-internal
  * set-register
Added Easter Egg ;)
Added Specdrum emulation
Added RZX playback support
Added Multiface One, 128 and Three emulation

Added setting to write configuration file
Added menu item to reload IDE and MMC contents from file. You can now modify a used file outside the emulator and reload its contents
Added autosave snapshot at fixed interval
Added hardware debug port to output ascii characters or numbers directly on host console
Added two unused ports from the ZXI pool for some internal ZEsarUX features. See docs/zesarux_zxi_registers.txt
Added Hotswap from 128k to +2A, and +2A to 128k
Added File Viewer
Added support for drag&drop on Mac OS X, SDL2
Added support for OpenGL rendering on Mac OS X Cocoa driver
Added drawn piano for AY Piano menu setting (on all video drivers except text drivers)
Added Man Software GUI Style
Added setting to change DivIDE/DivMMC eprom firmware file
Added setting to allow writing to DivIDE/DivMMC eprom firmware
Added setting to disable autoframeskip
Added setting to set breakpoints from command line
Added setting to deny changing turbo mode when booting ZX-Uno and on bios
Added setting to disable beeper
Improved Debug CPU Window: now you can switch between different views:
  1) 1 opcode, cpu registers, other internal registers
  2) 9 opcodes, other internal registers
  3) 15 opcodes
  4) 9 hexdump lines, other internal registers
  5) 15 hexdump lines
Fixed text to speech routine when sending non-ascii character
Fixed bug reading ULAplus register 64
Fixed bugs paging DivIDE/DivMMC
Fixed starting display row on ZX80/81/ACE, with border disabled and realvideo mode (was broken since 4.0)
Fixed reading from paging port on 128k and +2 machines: in this case, the same value read from the idle bus port is sent to the paging port
Fixed setting timings changing from Pentagon to non Pentagon machine
Fixed bug mapping real joystick buttons and axes with same number
Fixed bug when Jupiter Ace machine and border disabled
Updated Z88 OZ V4.7
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements