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What's New:

- New machines added - Tandy 1000HX, Tandy 1000SL/2, Award 286 clone, IBM PS/1 model 2121
- New graphics card - Hercules InColor
- 3DFX recompiler - 2-4x speedup over previous emulation
- Added Cyrix 6x86 emulation
- Some optimisations to dynamic recompiler - typically around 10-15% improvement over v10, more when MMX used
- Fixed broken 8088/8086 timing
- Fixes to Mach64 and ViRGE 2D blitters
- XT machines can now have less than 640kb RAM
- Added IBM PS/1 audio card emulation
- Added Adlib Gold surround module emulation
- Fixes to PCjr/Tandy PSG emulation
- GUS now in stereo
- Numerous FDC changes - more drive types, FIFO emulation, better support of XDF images, better FDI support
- CD-ROM changes - CD-ROM IDE channel now configurable, improved disc change handling, better volume control support
- Now directly supports .ISO format for CD-ROM emulation
- Fixed crash when using Direct3D output on Intel HD graphics
- Various other fixes