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What's New:

New ports:
- Added Nintendo 3DS port.
- Added Android SDL port.

- Removed TESTING flag from several supported games.
- Added Chinese Pinyin translation.
- Fixed cursor stuttering in the launcher that occured on some systems.

- Fixed game restart.

- Fixed sound effect loading.

- Fixed text alignment to be faithful to the original.
- Fixed character walking off screen.
- Fixed loading savegames in the Pendulum scene.
- Fixed wrong background for inventory items during chapter 6 in the Spanish version.
- Fixed animations speed (they were running two times slower than in the original engine).
- Fixed noise at start and/or end of speech. This was most noticeable with the Spanish speech.
- Fixed delay when interacting with the verb menu and the inventory.
- Fixed possibility to pick up the axe in the castle multiple times.

- Fixed lock up for some games during sound initialization.

- Fixed potential crash when using swamp snake potion on the rat in Hand of Fate. (NOTE: This fix was included in version 1.8.0, but it was not added to the NEWS file).
- Fixed missing voice reactions when hitting enemies in CD version of Lands of Lore.

- Fixed lock-up during ending sequence.
- Improved internal game controls.
- Fixed lock-up during some in-game animations.

- Fixed user interface colors in the French and German versions of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

- Make cursor workarounds work properly on OpenPandora (and other devices, that support touch screen and analog sticks/mouse at the same time)
- Script patch to fix broken ending battle in multilingual King's Quest 5 (French, German + Spanish versions are all broken)
- Fixed invalid memory access, when loading broken King's Quest 5 credit music track
- Fixed lowres/hires issues in King's Quest 6 when saving, changing the lowres/hires setting and restoring the saved game afterwards.

- Fixed detection of Maniac Mansion from Day of the Tentacle in the Windows version of ScummVM.
- Fixed a sound effect not stopping in Loom EGA with AdLib.

Broken Sword 2.5:
- Added option to use English speech instead of German one when no speech is available for the selected language.
- Fixed resource releasing on game exit.
- Fixed game restart after language change in-game.
- Fixed flickering in main Menu.
- Fixed long save time on Windows.

Windows port:
- Fixed bug in MIDI device listing affecting cases where MIDI devices were not usable.

Mac OS X port:
- Dock menu for ScummVM now lists recently played games when ScummVM is not running and allows starting those games.
- Enabled Sparkle application updater.

GCW0 port:
- Improved support for built-in ScummVM documentation.