Releases with ports for two or more operating systems.

Multiple Nintendo System Emulator - higan v099 - Released

higan (64bit)  higan (Source)

What's New:

- SFC: balanced profile removed
- SFC: performance profile removed
- SFC: expansion port devices can now be changed during gameplay (atlhough you shouldn't)
- SFC: fixed bug in SharpRTC leap year calculations
- SFC: emulated new research findings for the S-DD1 coprocessor
- SFC: fixed CPU emulation-mode wrapping bug with pei, [dp], [dp]+y instructions [AWJ]
- SFC: fixed Super Game Boy bug that caused the bottom tile-row to flicker in games
- GB: added MBC1M (multi-cart) mapper; icarus can't detect these so manual manifests are needed for now
- GB: corrected return value when HuC3 unmapped RAM is read; fixes Robopon [endrift]
- GB: improved STAT IRQ emulation; fixes Altered Space, etc [endrift, gekkio]
- GB: partial emulation of DMG STAT write IRQ bug; fixes Legend of Zerd, Road Rash, etc
- nall: execute() fix, for some Linux platforms that had trouble detecting icarus
- nall: new BitField class; which allows for simplifying flag/register emulation in various cores
- ruby: added Windows WASAPI audio driver (experimental)
- ruby: remove attempts to call glSwapIntervalEXT (fixes crashing on some Linux systems)
- ui: timing settings panel removed
- video: restored saturation, gamma, luminance settings
- video: added new post-emulation sprite system; light gun cursors are now higher-resolution
- audio: new resampler (6th-order Butterworth biquad IIR); quite a bit faster than the old one
- audio: added optional basic reverb filter (for fun)
- higan: refresh video outside cooperative threads (workaround for shoddy code in AMD graphics drivers)
- higan: individual emulation cores no longer have unique names
- higan: really substantial code refactoring; 43% reduction in binary size

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Multiple Emulator Frontend - Attract-Mode v2.1.0 - Released

Attract-Mode (32bit)  Attract-Mode (64bit)  Attract-Mode - Mac  Attract-Mode (Source)

What's New:

- Issue #227 - randomly select artwork when matches are available from multiple paths
- Issue #228 - Fixed a couple of bugs when menus (exit, etc) are triggered by a joystick move
- [windows] Issue #199 - Console hiding is now configurable in attract.cfg. Default is off.
- [linux] Issue #228 - Fix "Z" and "R" joystick axes
- Added 6 second timeout when mapping a new input.
- Issue #225 - fix --build-romlist mame --full when no files found
- Issue #124 - Added support for hotkey combos
- [linux] Fixed emulator 'exit hotkey'
- Issue #167 - Filter by button count.
- Issue #216 - separate UI menu navigation (up.down,left,right,back,sel)
- [linux,rpi] Fixes when running emulator (in "Fullscreen Mode")
- [rpi] Allow changing the window mode setting on the rpi version
- Issue #215 - fix crash in fe.get_art() when image is missing
- fix build when TR1 enabled
- support for libavcodec < 55.16
- replace deprecated AVPicture

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ScummVM v1.8.1 - Released

ScummVM - Windows  ScummVM - Mac  ScummVM - PlayStation 3  ScummVM - DreamCast  ScummVM - PSP  ScummVM (Source)

What's New:

New ports:
- Added Nintendo 3DS port.
- Added Android SDL port.

- Removed TESTING flag from several supported games.
- Added Chinese Pinyin translation.
- Fixed cursor stuttering in the launcher that occured on some systems.

- Fixed game restart.

- Fixed sound effect loading.

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