The Emulation Realm


What's New:

15 August
- Adjust calculated file block size s for virtual FS
- Fix minor bug where Virtual FS CD doesn't work immediately after reset
- Allow saving of files with Virtual FS.
- Virtual FS load"*",8 will load the last loaded program. If no programs have previously been loaded, the first program will be loaded.
- Fix bug with Virtual FS where jiffyDos protocol could be incorrectly triggered when byte $61 is received directly after a talk request

14 August
- Current folder selector for Virtual FS available in drive settings.

13 August
- Fixed wildcard loading of firstfile with Virtual VS
- Fixed bug that prevented JiffyDos command @$ from working with Virtual FS
- Improved Virtual FS JiffyDOS timing.
- Implement Virtual FS UI command. C128 "warm resets" drive message on error channel.
- Flash LED when error occurs with Virtual FS
- Improved reliability ofVirtual FS JiffDos support.
- Ordered Virtual FS display of subdirectories and files.

12 August
- Included Virtual FS CD command
- Update status of Virtual FS in disk UI
- Improved Virtual FS error handling

11 August
- Improved C128 Virtual FS device support
- Improved Virtual FS device JiffyDOS support
- load programs with .prg extension without needing to include the .prg in the load command