The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- Added MSX2 emulation
- Improved scoping of C local variables in VS Code (thanks to Streuwinkel)
- Improved parsing of Sjasm lst files (thanks to bas)
- Made pause shortcut configurable (thanks to Kabcorp)
- Fixed an issue with persisting window positions at the left edge of the screen (thanks to aoineko)
- Fixed that the Memory Editor did sometimes not open when clicking a VRAM address in the viewers (thanks to bas)
- Fixed an issue with negative numbers in VS Code
- Fixed an issue in C debugging with files containing spaces or dashes (thanks to Streuwinkel)
- Fixed a bug in Game Boy noise channel emulation that could cause audible clicks (thanks to tbsp, Matt Hughson)
- Fixed the value displayed for the Z80’s R register (thanks to sverx)