The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- Fixed controller input issues under OS X. A JInput native file needed to be renamed to load properly in Java 8.
- Fixed Python issues related to class and variable names with 2 leading underscores. The name mangling trick used to simulate private scope worked perfectly fine in Jython running within Netbeans. But, standard Python did not like it.
- Fixed bug in Map Maker and Sprite Saver. Neither was updating properly when configured for sprite zero hits.
- Introduced Skip button for the Set All Button Mapping feature.
- The debugging tools and the machine speed menu are now accessible while running Watch History or the History Editor.
- It is now possible to switch between Watch History and Export Video/Audio.
- Augmented the source with an Apache Ant buildfile and compilation details.
- Added Screenshots and News to this site.
- Added instructions on how to run the Remote API test programs from different languages.
- Provided more FAQ, particularly about History Tracking.