The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- Fixed a bug where video previews kept on playing after launching a game in MAME, this time applied the patch to software panes as well.
- Fixed a bug where Negatron crashed immediately when running the all-in-one pack from a Windows shared drive without having a compatible VLC installed beforehand.
- Fixed a MAME's database parsing bug, triggered when clicking on machines that have non-configurable devices.
- Fixed some thread and memory leaks that happened when Negatron was closed before the cache updating process ended.
- Fixed a bug where sounds were still activated after Negatron's restart although the sound button has been disabled.
- Fixed a bug where the automatically saved/reloaded UI layout preferences were reset when a new version of MAME is detected.
- Fixed a bug where the media player button bar could become inaccessible when making Negatron's window smaller.
- Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs related to the media player.

- Fixed a bug where the software configuration button could disappear when clicking on a software that should be configurable.
- Fixed a bug where name typing into a tree view took into account the space key, which led to unexpected situations when trying to use simultaneously the space key as a contextual shortcut.
- Fixed a bug where the background animations of the Sonic / Mario skins could disappear if filters return not enough rows to fill the tree view.
- Changed Negatron.exe so that it calls Java within the same security process. This way, Windows won't display the security prompt twice but only once when launching Negatron from a Windows shared drive.
- Changed tooltips timing so that they get displayed faster and for a longer time.
- Changed the behaviour of operations on tree views: selected items are now never lost apart from when filtering results exclude them.
- Changed the way to show 3D models of software packagings by relying on an added 3D View button in the toolbar instead of having to maximise the information pane, this in order to accomodate the new picture enlarging feature.
- Reworked the Chinese translation so that it looks more natural to native speakers of China, thanks to my friend Liu Qian 刘谦.
- Tweaked the media player so that a translucent background appears when playing video previews, helping to ascertain video size, and it disappears otherwise to let users get access to the screnshots behind.
- Optimised icon rendering and VLC management by removing useless debugging information.
- Added selected tabs to the UI layout preferences.
- Added filter shorcuts by adding "Set As Selection" buttons to every fields of the advanced filter panes. Those buttons simply copy the properties of the currently selected machine/software over to the corresponding filter criteria.
- Added tooltips to properly identify pictures and screenshots in Machine Externals, In-game Content and Software Packaging tabs.
- Added a Loop/Repeat toggle button to the media player and to the UI layout preferences.
- Added a button to disable videos altogether.
- Added the function to enlarge pictures of Machine Externals, Software Packaging and In-game Content tabs.
- Added a highlighting animation when the machine / software configuration or 3D view buttons appear.
- Added right-click contextual shortcuts on the in-game tabs (shortcut to set video on/off) and the software packaging tab (shortcut to set 3d view on/off).
- Added 1 skin: Yellow Pac.